Unleashing the Potential: Do What You Can

By June 8, 2018Prestigio

Shout out to those who are giving youth a great name and choosing to participate actively in making a positive difference. Making a difference doesn’t depend on gaining global recognition, raising millions, or inventing something brand new. Making a difference includes the small stuff. Don’t discount the power of small changes to make a big impact and don’t let the lack of a grand plan stop you from making a difference right where you are at, today! Remember, making a difference from where you are encourages others to get involved and spread the goodness even further.

Acting on small ideas can enrich your life & those around you, and in this case win you free tech! #DoWhatYouCan


Keep it Simple, Keep it Real

Consider using mobile data to expand your knowledge beyond entertain. Never mind the haters and what others think is cool or un-cool.

In truth, education frees your mind (as the famous rock song croons), and with it more freedom follows.

The choice to improve your skill set, invest time in online learning opportunities, and enlarge your knowledge base allows you to free your mind. Say goodbye to becoming a victim of your environment or being boxed in without seeing any options.

Education opens doors & knowledge kick-starts creativity! If you aren’t already, why not use your tech to make your world a better place!

What about utilizing your device to build up others and to promote and strengthen relationships. Putting energy into doing this can have positive benefits for you and others! How about employing apps to facilitate family relationships and create new opportunities for sharing meals and getting together! Building connectedness is not only instrumental in maintaining physical and mental well-being but it also provides opportunities to seek advice, consider other perspectives, learn from elders, share successes, learn from others’ mistakes and receive encouragement when things don’t go to plan.

If a family chat group isn’t appropriate for you, what about a focused student group, or a community group for lending and borrowing things.

How about starting a support group on chat aimed at encouraging each other or someone whom is really struggling with their circumstances, health, or a tragic loss? It might seem silly but keeping individuals from feeling isolated can literally save lives!



Potential Unleashed is not defined by business success, start-up ideas or an endless quest for cash.

What it is about is: liberating yourself from illusions of limitations – by doing what you can. #DoWhatYouCan

#PotentialUnleashed is about uplifting your own life & those around you and realizing the two are inescapably intertwined. It asks you to be curious, open to always continue learning, cultivating an awareness of opportunities & exercising initiative to create opportunities.

Prestigio believes that every one of us has something of value to offer – and we offer tech tools to enable you to unleash your potential.


Win Free Tech

This month Prestigio kindly request that you share story with us – we want to acknowledge those who are putting in the effort to make Life better. We will be awarding a brand new Prestigio Grace R5 Smartphone! #DoWhatYouCan


How to Enter the Competition:

Tell us how you are uplifting yourself & others. It can be big or it can be small. It can be as simple as being willing to lend a hand with a smile when asked by your parents, tutoring in your local community centre, starting a chess club, or choosing less so that you can donate extra’s to a good cause. The opportunities are endless once you start looking for them! #DoWhatYouCan

How do you live your life such that you are proud of your choices? How do you live your life to be of service to yourself & to others? Inspire us & others. #DoWhatYouCan

Via Facebook and Twitter : Tell us what you do to make the world a better place & be sure to use the Competition Hashtag #DoWhatYouCan – to enter the June Competition. & If you are looking for inspiration, click here.

T’s & C’s Apply:
• Valid Entry to the competition: Describe how you are bettering your Life &/ your Community.
• Winner must live in the Republic of South Africa.
• Competition Dates: 08 June 2018 – 30 June 2018.
• Prize is not transferable for monetary remuneration.
• The Prize Winner shall receive his/her prize within an achievable timeframe, within South Africa.
• Judges’ decision is final.

We hereby acknowledge that the following promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administrated by, or associated with, Facebook.

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