What does your phone say about your personality?

Trend-Setter? Future Driven? Savvy?
Technological people

Are you a leader or a follower? Interesting question! Truth be told, in different areas of your life you are both. Perhaps you are a leader in your workspace, or among your peers, but in other spaces you are happy to be educated through guidance.

What you should never lose sight of, is that you are, well… you! You are unique, and that’s just the way we like you.

Of course, we at Prestigio want you to fulfil your potential by opting for an “unleash your potential now” approach. We think that with our range of smartphones & tablets you can find the tech that highlights your own personal sense of style.

Tier 1 brands have “defined” the image of success & cool; cue the bird’s-eye view of the wooden desk, moleskin notebook & black coffee. However, we feel that it seems that tech trends are being dictated to us. Shouldn’t the tech enable you to further express yourself rather than define you! Don’t be told what to like or who to be, make your own decisions because well… you are you!

Do you wish to highlight your difference?

Tired of following the crowd? Or do you simply not want to conform to what the world tells you is “cool”, or how the world thinks you should live? We at Prestigio certainly want to highlight our differences. Yes we are a smartphone & tablet brand but as you are human but different, so are we.

We at Prestigio support the notion that everyone should have equal access at affordable prices to level the playing field and let ambitious individuals rise to the top. This is our unique approach, as unique as you are. If you are keen to highlight your difference, go ahead and research our Prestigio specs, cost, functionality and our sexy, edgy design – we guarantee you’ll be surprised at how differently we approach smartphone technology.


Are you a trend-setter?

Some of us are trend-setters. Prestigio does not believe that we are on the periphery, we are breaking free from common culture… if this sounds like you or your creative ambitions, then you deserve to partner with Prestigio.

Originality should be celebrated. Trends don’t happen by themselves; ambitious individuals’ creations speak to us, we connect with then, we advocate & a trend is born through its popularity and relevance.

Are the overpriced tier one brands offering you scope for exploration? No, most brands tell you what to be, who to be, what to wear and what kind of a person you are. Prestigio says NO! Be uniquely original, be you!

Get connected with us & use what you save with Prestigio to further explore your passions; new fashions, new spots, new hang-outs & new ideas without ever compromising on style, accessibly or functionality.  You owe it to those that look to you for inspiration.

The best part… with all the access you still share your originality via Instagram, other Social Media apps and whatever is new to burst from the Google Play store.


Are you Future Driven?

It takes some gusto to be unaffected by your peers & rise to become goal achieving community leader. You obtain greater influence by earning respect. Prestigio will earn that respect with you.

Achieving goals in today’s connected world is all about leveraging connectivity & technology in your favour while minimising the effect that those with bigger banks accounts have on you.

By keeping things in perspective you know that you need to start as soon as possible, living Life toward your goals. These could be a:

  • Matric Education,
  • A University Degree,
  • Your own start-up business

That choice is yours, what we both know; is that technology is your ultimate ally in these situations, so why wait to save or overspend monthly for a tier one brands when you can begin your journey now with equally powerful technology, better local support & class leading 2-year warranties for a more “level the playing field”.

Leaders make the tough decisions based on facts. It is called perspective & we at Prestigio celebrate this as a unique & powerful personality trait that we want to partner with.

How tech savvy are You?

Those in the know, know! The tech savvy among us realise how clever marketing sells top brands using technology that is available at half the price elsewhere.

Prestigio supports the intelligent consumer in you. Are you tired of overspending on functionality that should be a right & not a privilege? We at Prestigio work to allow equal opportunity for all to become a reality in South Africa.

We know the difference between “cheap” & savvy, so we design our smartphones & tablets with best of breed technology to compete with tier 1 brands functionality, but we do it at prices that gives everyone access.  We do not compromise on quality to lower prices, we simply do not believe in overcharging when our country needs to do everything in its power to create equality… this means in technological & connectivity access too.

What is your phone saying about your personality? When you are partnering with Prestigio it shows you are celebrating your individuality with a brand that is celebrating their own.

We are confident that Prestigio will satisfy every technology element in your life, without compromise. Let’s make South Africa great… together!

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