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By September 2, 2018Smartphones

SmartTech has emerged as a (if not THE) definitive game-changer of modern life. Smartphones have been so readily adopted & integrated into our lives, it can make one think,

“How did we live before Smartphones?”

Life Before the Smartphone

The energy required in the past to accomplish things is notable in contrast to what is now possible. To bank – one had travel to a branch, stand in the que during branch hours, present documentation at the counter and speak with the teller, to search for a job – one had to buy the classifieds and go knock on each businesses’ door with a printed CV, for a job interview – one had to show up in person – more than once, to gain some insight into the world beyond our own lives – one had to go out and purchase the daily print newspaper or make time to visit the local library ( which one should still do ). These are just a few examples of how we were required to go through lengthy processes to get things done.


SmartTech on the Scene

The SmartTech has been revolutionary and life-changing in the way that it has replaced inefficiencies with convenience.

Now all you need is data or a WiFi Internet connection of sufficient speed and the world becomes instantly more accessible. Add to this a selection of Apps & how we choose to live starts to change.

Choosing to utilize the potential of a capable Smartphone can save you time and money. Let’s take a closer look at some arenas where it has made an impact.

Education: Once the domain of the wealthy upper classes, access to quality education is now available to a great number of people via Online Learning options! Many established universities have Online Courses and some learning institutes exist solely online.

One can now study part-time online to earn degrees and certifications that can open up new career paths – take a moment to consider how substantial that change is.

In addition to formalized education, The Internet offers a wealth of opportunities for continued learning – from free ebooks and experts leading TED Talks, to capable DIYers giving practical advice…

We now have access to a global community of knowledge and experience!

Entertainment: SmartTech has made entertainment readily available. Find videos on YouTube to watch, connect with your DSTV account online with the SkySports App, access your Netflix subscription on-the-go and more. Listen to your favourite tunes, stream movies and music videos, and play games via your Smartphone.

Life Administration: SmartTech makes taking care of business so much less arduous! With a Smartphone it is not that difficult to stay on top of things! Calenders combined with scheduled notifications can make sure that you never forget important dates or miss a meeting. Personal Apps can track health conditions, fitness progress and even fertility. Banking Apps and Finance Apps make tracking budgeting, managing money, and making payments simpler and faster. One can even search for & apply for jobs via their smartphone, this is a great efficiency compared to the grind of having to commute here and there, again and again. Just think how easy it is to now book & pay for a bus ticket online…

Professional Realm: Communication is key to business and Smartphones enable this to be streamlined – it might be easy to forget how in the past one could travel on an errand, arrive back only to be told that there is something new to be done where you had just traveled to previously.

Things change all the time – the ease of Smartphone communication allows us to adapt on-the-go.

Smartphones have also redefined the workspace, for articles on the Digital Office & Working Remotely – please see the following:
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From an entrepreneurial perspective a Smartphone can be invaluable as it has bypassed previously required expenses. Use it to research, create a business plan, register your business online, and even secure the funding [ Read about Raising Captial &/ Crowdfunding ] to propel your StartUp forward. A Smartphone enables you to market your company online by giving you the tools and platform-access to tell your brand story.

Just imagine conducting market research, designing a business plan, applying for a bank loan, registering your business, finding & renting an office space, recruiting employees, communicating with distributors, stockists & clients and then marketing your business without a Smartphone!

Communication: Staying close to friends, family, and business contacts is important! Back in the day Telegraphs were a big step forward from letters which could take months even years to reach their destination. Now with Communication Platform Apps such as WhatsApp and Skype we can utilize cheap and instant forms of communication including text, voice notes, photos and even video-streaming. The affordability and ease at which we can keep in touch is a far cry from the dots and dashes of morse code and the teeny-tiny grainy images one could send on the old mobile flip phones.

Video calling and cheap voice calling have truly bridged the communication gap, making long-distance and even global calling affordable. Getting to see the person you are speaking to face-to-face (especially loved ones) despite the geographical gap can be priceless!

Connect!: Smartphones can connect you with your tribe regardless of where you or they are at! Find like-minded people, participate in online forums, get energized by other movers & shakers, follow the causes you’re passionate about, and speak-out against injustice. Smartphones can be utilized for the power of good! Find inspiration with others who share your sense of taste whether auditory, literary, geeky, or purely aesthetic. Get inspired online with blogs, Apps like Pinterest or sites like the Good Things Guy.


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