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By February 5, 2018Prestigio

Student Life: The Grand Balancing Act

#StudentLife requires managing the responsibilities of schedules, studying, and social obligations in a way that allows for academic proficiency (if not excellence) whilst avoiding a “burnout”.


Money (or the Lack Thereof)

One notoriously difficult part of student life is finances. Some students make the decision to work part-time while at varsity and others have financial responsibilities that simply require that they do!

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Keep these things in mind to help make your balancing act successful if you’re a full-time student and part-time employee this semester:


Consider the job you take carefully

• If possible seek job openings in your field of interest or that compliment your studies.
• Weigh-up the potential benefit of a low-paid internship providing a stipend that may pay-off later by boosting your CV.
• Keep an eye out for jobs with some flexibility allowed in hours.
• Jobs that contain ‘sitting time’ and allow one to read between serving customers are ideal as you can often use such time to your advantage.


Be honest with your employer

Being a student is not something you need to hide or should stay quiet about. Many employers will be impressed by your readiness to take on the responsibilities of studying and working simultaneously. Some might be willing to accommodate class and exam schedules willingly while other employers may not be as supportive. Employers will want assurance that despite your studies, that you will bring your best to your work and have the energy to fulfil job responsibilities.

Being honest and up front will ensure that everyone starts on the same page. Then as student realities arise they can be negotiated fairly.


Keep your educational priorities in the forefront of your mind

Degrees and certifications take year/s to complete. If you are part of a structured program it is important to be aware of future schedule obligations which may include unusually timed class sessions, time-intensive projects, internships, and the like.

Inform your employer of schedule imperatives in a timely manner to ensure that a plan can be made that supports a continued professional relationship in good standing.


Realize choices will have to be made i.e. it’s impossible to do everything

Chances are you already know that student life is demanding. Depending on the course work, your learning-style and more, good grades require a serious amount of study.

If you work part-time be aware that hard choices will have to be made sometimes as time-constraints will dictate that you have to eliminate certain activities &/ events from your schedule.

If you are going to put in diligent effort towards achieving your ambitions, then acknowledge that you will require rest, rejuvenation & different forms of nourishment including socializing.

Remember student life is only for a season – it is a challenging but temporary state of affairs – it has an end, stay focussed & persevere.



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