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ASBIS Africa relentlessly strives to be a leading Information Technology Distributor with unmatched after-sales service that will evaluate the success of our customers.

Quality assurance for resellers

We aim to build a strong channel presence by providing our resellers with unmatched pre- and post-sales support, along with logistical expertise and product assurance.

This commitment starts with building exclusive distribution relationships with vendors that manufacture products of the highest technological specifications and quality. We also focus our efforts on only a few selected products to allow us to give them the attention they deserve.

Unmatched buying power

In the price-competitive ICT components market, ASBIS Africa can leverage off the buying power of one of the world’s leading component distribution specialists, ASBIS Enterprises Limited. This gives us the ability to achieve massive economies of scale and enables us to create a highly competitive international price point for our resellers.

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ASBIS Africa matches the quality of its products with a guaranteed no-quibble replacement policy across all ranges. Support is the cornerstone on which our resellers deliver the highest quality of service to end users.

The success of our resellers is the yardstick by which we measure our own performance.

Committed to our people

Since business is about people, ASBIS is committed to building teams of individuals who can contribute to our competitive edge.

At the executive level, our people are recognised as top performers in technology distribution. And our commitment to Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment is reflected in the attraction, training and retention of tomorrow’s talent.

We set our values in stone

Customer obsessed

We constantly listen to our customers and then continuously test, enhance, and personalise the customer experience by delivering bespoke solutions. We recognise that every customer is different and has unique needs, so we focus on them and pay close attention to how they evolve. This is how we guarantee value-driven solutions.

Collective success

Driven by collective energy, at ASBIS Africa we employ individual intelligence with joint contribution and personal accountability. We leverage individual strengths and integrate them into a growing workforce of collaboration that enables high performance.

Embrace the adventure

We want to be passionate, curious, creative, bold and a little weird. We believe that some of the best ideas come from the unlikeliest of places and in the dynamic industry we are in, unconventional thinkers are gold. The technological landscape is always changing, and we stay ahead by relying on people who are agile enough to keep up.

Go for gold

We are driven by an unquenchable thirst for excellence and delivering world-class results. Getting the gold requires a winner’s mindset of dedication, enthusiasm, accountability, and professionalism. Above all else, we work with passion which is all the fuel we need to succeed.

Wear your badge of honour

Respect is at the core of everything we do, and we believe that it is always a two-way street. Our relationships with our clients, colleagues and partners are characterised by mutual honesty and integrity.