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By November 1, 2017Prestigio

What exactly is The Internet?

The Internet is a massive web of interconnected computer networks. The internet stores masses of information such as files, electronic communication, and the World Wide Web.

It is not controlled by any one entity or located in one central location but is instead is contributed to by hundreds of thousands, all around the world.

The system of computer networks includes academic, government, business, public and private networks.

The common denominator in each connected computer is that it uses the Internet Protocol Suite that is abbreviated to TCP/IP. This is a set of practices that determines how information (i.e. data) is packaged, transmitted, routed, received, and addressed. It ensures that the computers in the system can always communicate via one official ‘language’.


Who invented the Internet?

In the 1960’s the United States Federal Government and Department of Defence began to research and develop a communication system in which computers talked to each other. This early version of the Internet soon expanded to include computers at multiple large Universities across the continental United States. In the early 70’s collaboration began with engineers in Europe.

Eventually, once the TCP/IP was accepted as a standard. Computers around the world began to get connected. In the late 1980’s the Internet was used for the first time by public individuals.

It is now estimated that up 3.58 billion individuals are accessing and using the internet around the globe.

Note: Want to geek-out on the early years and pioneer thinking that built the Internet? Watch this fascinating documentary The Heralds of Resource Sharing on the Internet’s early years. For an article listing the specific persons involved in the development of The Internet – click here.


Connection for Good

Prestigio firmly believes that the Internet has the potential to contribute positively to users’ lives all around the world. Here are some of the exciting things that Internet access can provided:

The Individual

Learning & Education: Individuals can use the Internet to learn more about every topic under the sun & beyond! This includes learning from curiosity and also more formal learning that can lead to certifications and even degrees from Institutes of Higher Learning.
Job Searching: Find jobs listed all in one place, the Internet. Tools available allow job seekers to find jobs, create resumes, and apply for jobs, all online.
Communication: The Internet makes communication across borders or across town much more accessible. Keep up with friends and family by sharing photographs, sending emails, or even making (video)phone calls.


The Local Community

Build a sense of community: The Internet allows for easy communication between people who share the same passion or share the same struggle. Learn from others, give to others, we can offer support to one another.
Grow & Support local business: Using the Internet gives small businesses just starting out a platform whereby they can be discovered. Advertise your business in local groups. Raise awareness of your cause or find customers online. Similarly, look for locally-made products or fair-trade products that support community and use your purchasing power to support your values!
Ensure local safety & security: Keep up-to-date on weather or crime happenings where you work or stay. Create your own neighbourhood watch and be empowered to not live in fear!


Global Community

Cloud Computing: Access research, statistics & data from around the world.
Big Data: This refers to analysing massive amounts of information to reach new conclusions, stimulate new thinking on old problems, and get creative about real world challenges. Big Data allows statisticians to ‘keep it real and relevant’ equating numbers that can be utilized by policy-makers, health organizations, service providers, and product developers.


What can Internet Access do for you?

Prestigio offers Smart Technology devices that are capable of helping you unleash your potential. Gain access and get connected to the Internet with a Prestigio Smartphone or Tablet.

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