15 January 2020

Affordable tablets help to ease the pain of education

Technology has always played a key role in pushing education a step further.

Technology has always played a key role in pushing education a step further. First, we counted on stone tablets. Then we invented the abacus and eventually, calculators and computers were born. Each step in this evolution has allowed us to learn faster and achieve breakthroughs that have aided the advancement of society. Ironically, we’ve cycled back to tablets again – but not of the stone kind.

Putting a tablet in the hands of every child (in addition to personal computers) has been a developmental goal for South Africa’s basic education system since the 2019 State of the Nation Address by President Cyril Ramaphosa in June. Here’s how affordable tablets can continue to push education forward just like their technological counterparts.

Better communications

Tablets can provide a direct communication line between educators, students and parents. Correspondence can be personalised for each learner, delivered progressively and cannot be lost as easily as handwritten notes, which can go astray. Students are also encouraged to “approach” educators for extra assistance digitally and without drawing attention to themselves or disrupting lessons. Even our entry-level tablets are ideal for educational purposes. Take the Prestigio Grace 3157 3G – it’s Android-based and supports all digital education and communication platforms and apps.

Accessible edutainment

Edutainment is a valuable educational tool and is a staple in many classrooms. But it’s doubly effective when it’s reinforced outside the classroom, as shown by successful initiatives like SABC Education and Mindset Learn. These programmes are now easily available online on platforms such as YouTube and learners with tablets can take full advantage of them in their own time. The Prestigio Grace 5791 4G has a 10-inch screen and high-speed connectivity to ensure that edutainment is always delivered in consistently excellent quality.

Improved computer literacy

Tablets are excellent launchpads for learning computer literacy at a young age. They familiarise learners with digital interfaces and computerised systems even before they’re exposed to personal computers. The most advanced tablets on the market can do anything a personal computer can do with the help of Bluetooth-enabled peripherals such as mouses and keyboards. As we aim to make coding a skill that learners can master as early as they do arithmetic, tablets will become an essential asset.

Surprisingly cost-effective

One of the biggest advantages of using tablets for educational purposes is that they are more cost-effective than personal computers. Better yet, Prestigio offers more affordable tablets than its big-name competitors. Prestigio delivers modern, cutting-edge technology and high-performance devices that are budget-friendly. This means that any school can rationalise a bulk purchase and parents don’t have to treat tablets like luxury items. Affordable tablets should be viewed as back-to-school essentials like calculators.

Choose a Prestigio tablet from our wide selection and give your children or students the right start for school year.

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