10 October 2019

Android Overview

Android was the creative brainchild Andy Rubin – a brilliant entrepreneur and engineer passionate about the field of Robotics.

Android was the creative brainchild Andy Rubin – a brilliant entrepreneur and engineer passionate about the field of Robotics. The story of how Android came to be used in 85% of Smartphones globally is an interesting one.

Mr Rubin became interested in developing after he was employed at Microsoft in the late 90’s. From there, in a bold move he decided to leave his job at Microsoft and founded his own company. While many thought his idea to create an Operating System was crazy, three friends believed in the project. Together, the four created a StartUp and named it Android.

As the primary developer Andy’s first success was an inventive innovative interactive phone he designed for an American company T-Mobile that was called the ‘Sidekick’. This was an important precursor to what was to become Android.

This Start Up’s path to success was not smooth! Facing adversity and yet prevailing is a common thread in many success stories! Android the Start-up suffered running out of funding, failing to find carriers that were willing to adopt the software and more.

Their quintessential breakthrough moment came when Google became interested in their work. After some negotiations Google solved the StartUp’s financial woes by purchasing the company. Thus Android became a part of Google. For several more years Andy and his team worked from within Google to develop the operating system he had envisioned. When Apple launched the first IPhone before Android had come to market, it was unsettling.

However, far from stopping their success in its tracks it turned out to do the opposite. Other cellphone companies, who wanted to compete with Apple, needed an Operating System that was remarkably intelligent & easy-to-use such that their smartphones would be relevant in the market – Android supplied the solution to the majority of them.

*Entrepreneurial App Developers benefit from Andy Rubin’s creation, as since the majority of the world is now using Android operating systems, it is possible to design and create Apps that can be used all over the world!

What is Inside Your Phone?

CPU (Central Processing Unit)

This is the devices ‘brain’ and is referred to as a processor. It runs the Operating System and controls the data exchanges. It is a multi-tasker of note.

On-Board Memory

This is memory that is built into your Smart-device and is not removable. Your device requires memory to store information, music, photographs, and pretty much everything you store offline on your device. For example: your contact names and numbers are safely stored in your device’s on-board memory [ or alternatively on your SIM card ]. Think of it as an empty room you can fill up with stuff you like. The amount of GB of memory your device comes with tells you how big the room is.

Operating System

The Operating System is a platform that allows you to organize all the information and apps that you need to use on your device. Your operating system is the ‘interface’ – that is what you see on your device screen – it allows you to interact with your device. The Operating System is responsible for processing instructions as well as opening, closing, and running programs. The Operating System on your phone influences what Apps you can use on your device.

Application i.e. Apps

Apps are programs designed to perform specific tasks that you need for work, school, daily life, or entertainment. They can make accessing information, playing games, organizing your files, applying for jobs, or getting directions very simple. While your device may come with some Apps already on it, you can add more. New applications are being created every day. Finding the Apps that make your life easier is worthwhile as Apps are part of what makes a smart-device such a positive life-changer.

Prestigio Benefits

All Prestigio phones come with:

  • The most advanced version of Android Operating System so they are easy-to-use!
  • A full Google Certification that means that any App you want to download from Google PlayStore is guaranteed to work on a Prestigio device!
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