12 December 2019

Internet Speeds Explained Part II: The Speed of Possibility-What to Expect from Different Internet Speeds

While advertisers tempt us with impressively high numbers, how fast of an internet connection does an average South African need?

While advertisers tempt us with impressively high numbers, how fast of an internet connection does an average South African need?

Before signing-up for an expensive monthly plan one must look realistically at how the internet will be used. Things such as how many tasks must be juggled at one time and how many individuals will be connected to the same network – should be considered.

Let’s browse through what’s possible on different speeds of internet on offer.

How Internet Speed is measured

If you are up to speed with how internet data transmission is measured you will already know that Mbps stands for Millions of bits per second. To understand more about how to decipher internet speed read here.

Speed of 1-4 Mbps

This speed is commonly offered and available here in South Africa. One can stream videos but may occasionally have to wait a minute for buffering. If multiple users are accessing the same internet connection at the same time; then speeds are likely to decrease and some delay may be experienced.

What’s Possible: A single user can telecommute, stream music and video (non-HD), browse the internet, and access email without difficulty.

Speed of 4-6Mbps

This speed is available to consumers in RSA. Users at this speed will be able to make the most of High Definition videos and internet content. Multiple tasks can be juggled smoothly using this connectivity and multiple users should be able to complete access with ease. The United States Federal Communications Commission has labelled this the minimum speed needed for two-way online gaming in high definition and warns that play could be compromised at this speed.

What’s Possible: All of the tasks capable at lower speeds with the addition of Internet Television and more advanced data-heavy file-sharing.

Speed of 6-10Mbps

It is possible to receive this speed in South Africa. This connectivity speed is ideal for users who love to maximize the entertainment possibilities online. It is ideal for a household which has several users and should work well for gaming enthusiasts although some delays may be experienced if all users are completing data-heavy tasks simultaneously.

What’s Possible: All of the tasks capable at lower speeds, with the addition of High Definition two-way online gaming and streaming videos on-demand. This speed supports multiple users well.

Speed of 10-15Mbps

Once thought of as ‘super-quick’ more and more people are taking advantage of what the internet at this speed has to offer. Users should notice quick download rates at this speed. This means web content will load in multiple windows faster and files can be downloaded in less time. Multiple users can do data-heavy tasks without delays.

What’s Possible: All of the tasks capable at lower speeds can be done with a noticeable speed increase. Additionally, the possibility of complex remote telecommunication (think healthcare and advanced learning) and High Definition streaming for multiple users.

Speed of 15-50Mbps

Welcome to superfast! This internet speed might be difficult to obtain consistently here in South Africa. If you are lucky enough to access these speeds you can expect everything you need to do – to be lightning fast. Multiple users can download and upload using the same connection without interfering with one another.

What’s Possible: All of the tasks capable at lower speeds can be done by multiple users. Additionally, the possibility of wiring your new “smart” home with this speed as well as conducting High Definition Video Surveillance are possible – if you are in to that sort of thing.

Speed of 50+Mbps

This speed is mostly out of reach for internet users globally although the introduction of Fibre is changing this.

What’s Possible: At this speed it might be wiser to ask, what is not possible? With an internet connection this fast – just about anything is in the realm of possibility! Multiple users can upload and download in High Definition to their hearts content. Think supercomputing, real-time data collection, and commercial applications such as global video conferencing and the like.

South African Speeds

Connection speeds are always increasing here in South Africa. Providers keep updating infrastructure and making new things possible. Many users find that slower more affordable speeds are very likely suitable for their needs. One of the cheapest offerings available is a 2 Mega Byte standard line. While turtle-like compared to what speeds are possible, this speed more often than not provides more than sufficient juice for working remotely, browsing the internet, streaming music and video, and more.

Don’t ever limit your possibilities based on what speed internet you can afford. Slower speeds are perfectly capable of unleashing your potential!

Fibre is Fastest

In 2016 South Africa demonstrated its fastest internet speeds ever, on Fibre lines. If you are curious see the chart here. Remember these speeds have been recorded not in millions of bits per second but in Kbps; that is thousands of bits per second – which does help them look impressive at first glance.

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