06 February 2020

Laptops for students can boost university performance

University students discover quickly that higher education is much more rigorous than basic education and studying under immense pressure with little or no support is par for the course.

It’s important that university students are equipped with all the tools they need to excel. Laptops have the potential to give a student the capacity to not only keep up but to stay ahead of coursework.

In the digital world we live in, where entire courses can be based online, around-the-clock access to personal computing is a game changer. Here’s why laptops for students are an invaluable asset for increasing the chance of success in university.

Advanced note-taking

Taking notes on a laptop is simply superior to taking them down by hand. For one thing, you can back them up in the cloud so they don’t get lost, which is quite common with handwritten notes. Digital notes can also be easily annotated and indexed so students can quickly find whatever they’re looking for with a keyword search. They can share their notes with study mates without having to pay for photocopies, making exam preparations and revision a breeze. The Prestigio Smartbook 116C is compact enough to take anywhere – it runs on the latest version of Windows and supports all word processing and note-taking programs.

Real-world preparation

Laptops for students are an excellent way to prepare them for the real world. Laptops are everyday tools of production in most workplaces and the applications and programs that students use won’t change much once they enter the world of work. In fact, students can start to use laptops to enable themselves as working adults. They can journal, budget, plan and communicate while improving their typing speeds and overall competencies. All Prestigio laptops transition seamlessly from student to work life and are designed to meet the demands of any vocation.

Accessible internet connectivity

Most institutions have computer labs where students can use the internet for research. But imagine how much more students could get done if they had 24-hour access to the internet and didn’t have to wait for a computer to open up to get their turn. Students no longer need to be on campus to work on their assignments if they have laptops. They can simply connect to any WiFi hotspot and study wherever they are.

Paperless assessments

Universities are moving towards digitising their systems and operations. Tests, homework and projects can be issued online and students are expected to submit them in the same way once they’re completed. Again, a student can use the computers on campus to complete their assessments but that doesn’t allow for much flexibility. Some courses, especially technical ones like engineering and architecture, require students to download specialised programs for simulations and drawings. Laptops for students eliminate any barriers for assignments so that students can just get down to work.

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