08 August 2019

Part II: Data saving habits

Like so many organizations these days, Autodesk is a company in transition. It was until recently a traditional boxed software company selling the…

Life can get extra complicated and more expensive when data runs outs before the end of your contract cycle. Depending on your service plan, overcharges may apply if you go over your data usage amount or out-of-contract bundles may be priced at a premium. Avoid the hassle by making the amount of data you have work for you without sacrificing connectivity.

Change your device settings. & Adopt these easy data saving habits to ensure you always have enough of the data you depend on.

  1. Use Data Light Apps

Double check to ensure you’ve installed the most data-light versions of your most commonly used Apps. For instance Facebook Light App promises to use considerably less data that scrolling the Facebook website on your device. Ensuring you’ve got the most up-to-date ‘light’ apps can save you data.

Tip: Don’t feel obligated to keep apps that you don’t use on your device. Uninstalling Apps can free up internal storage space and eliminate background updating or data usage that you won’t benefit from.

  1. Track How & What Data you Use

Tracking the way you use your data is a good way to monitor and control your usage – as with it, you can get a handle on learning your own usage cycles and which Apps you’re spending the most time and data on. Being aware of your usage-patterns makes it easy to be exact with how much data you have and where you are at any given time in your billing cycle.

  • Download a Helpful App

The free app My Data Manager is an excellent way to keep constant tabs on how much you have versus how much you have used. The App can track according your billing cycle or in pretty much anyway you choose. It is capable of tracking Wi-Fi data usage separately and it can give you historical views of your habits too.

This app has the handy ability to allow you to set limits and receive alerts when certain data usage amounts have been reached. Set your own boundaries and never go over your budget-limits again!

  1. Employ your Knowledge of Personal Data Usage Habits to Self-Regulate

Knowing your habits gives you the opportunity to self-regulate. Perhaps tracking your data points out that you have a bit of a YouTube addiction or that you tend to use data in excess while waiting for transport after work. Knowledge is power, as it allows you to form a strategy to make your data last.

The way we communicate is changing. These communication trends are on the rise. Be aware of how you communicate with family and friends to ensure you are taking advantage of the most cost-effective and affordable ways to keep in touch.

Tip: If your data is running low, make a voice call instead of a video call. Leave the video chats for when you’re connected to Wi-Fi.

  1. Think Beyond Data

This tip is cheeky but the fact is, that checking our phones and being online in every spare minute has become more than habit. It can at times be just a pure reflex. When we find ourselves looking at the screen to see nothing has changed in the 2 seconds, it might be time to put the phone down.

Enjoying your coffee or tea break sans device and give your brain valuable time to assess life in real time – it may help you think more creatively. Choosing to walk to the bus stop without your phone in hand may allow you to notice the spring blossoms coming to life. Mindfulness about how we use our technology can help it have the most positive impact in our lives. Sometimes we need a break from screen-time.

Instead of reaching for your device, consider having a break from your tech by doing a 5 minute meditation, actively relaxing, doing some stretching exercises, or just taking a walk.

It’s a perfectly legitimate way to save data by choosing to stay offline sometimes.

Tip: Harness your phone for good. For inspiration and ways you can use Data to empower yourself and get more out of tech – click here.

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