28 November 2019

Prestigio is Proud to support South African StartUps

Choosing a winner was not easy. Thanks to everyone who entered and participated in our previous Prestigio Tech Giveaway Competition!

Choosing a winner was not easy. Thanks to everyone who entered and participated in our previous Prestigio Tech Giveaway Competition!

Backing a Proudly South African Start Up: Pro Kitchens in Durban (KZN)

Prestigio is pleased to detail the winner of our February giveaway. Pro Kitchens is a kitchen remodelling business based in Durban South Africa. Michael Lucas is the proud owner. He and his wife Blanche Lucas are entrepreneurs and small business owners who calculated the risk and decided to go for it! Pro Kitchens won a free Prestigio Tablet.

Starting a business from scratch isn’t easy & there is more than one way to do it. Read below to see how Pro Kitchen’s not only talked-the-talk but are walking-the-walk.

Start-up Spotlight:

We had a chat with Mr. Lucas and asked him more about his business ideas, goals, and how the journey has been for him and his family.

  1. How did your business Pro Kitchens start?

We started Pro Kitchens armed with only personal skills and work experience.That was the only capital we could invest in as a husband and wife team. My wife Blanche Lucas helped with setting up a Facebook page and since then it’s been a major help with marketing our services.

  1. Tell us about something tough you had to overcome to get where you are now regarding your career & the business.

Our toughest times were based on 'No Capital Risk’ of starting-up which meant doing all our work personally.The doubts which some closest to us preached was more challenging than doing the actual work. For some reasontheyexpected failure BUT Pro Kitchens is emerging gradually.

  1. How many years has your Start-up been operating?

Pro Kitchens is now 4 years in business.

  1. How would you like to see your business expand in the next five years and the next ten years?

Our current goals are to tender for work within the larger business sector. We aspire to become a household name in the near future.

We as Pro Kitchens will be well established in 5 years and we would like to national in 10 years, providing our services of manufacturing and supplying and distributing quality Home and Office Furniture nationwide.

  1. What are two pieces of advice you would want to share with other “movers & shakers”, small-business owners, young Start-ups?

Our advice to Young Start-upsis; if you have a vision and love the field you’re in then Invest in your dreams & never let go regardless of your situation and circumstances.

  1. How will your Prestigio Tablet help you achieve your business goals?

Our Prestigio Tablet is a Major benefit to Pro Kitchens, it will enable us to:

  • Empower our business by;
  • Have email at our fingertips, file documents, access to all Social Media
  • Keep clients updated with constant communication
  • Track job process and completion of work to protect us and the client
  • Take quality pictures for marketing
  • Do instant notification to our Facebook (Business) Page
  • Keep us up-to-date with the latest trends and types of new material being used via internet browsing
  • Compile documents on Word and Excel
  • Use GPS on the road to assist in locating clients in different areas

Support Pro Kitchens

Let’s support each other! Visit Pro Kitchens’ Facebook Business-Page and check out their work. Consider recommending them if you know of an individual or business that is looking to remodel either their home or business in KZN.

Prestigio’s Mission

We are proud to support individuals & Start-Ups that are ambitious and driven! We seek to provide access to Smartphones and Tablets that are capable, functional, and well-designed.

Affordability doesn’t mean you have to compromise!

Read more about the mission of our brand. 

We are the only tier 2 brand that can boast a complete Google accreditation. This means any app from the Google PlayStore is guaranteed to work on your Prestigio device!


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