05 September 2019

Three Ways to Make the Most of Your Data

Data is not always cheap so work with what you have to harness the power of connectivity.

Avoid inconvenience, skip a shock on your bill, and eliminate expenses that do not in the monthly budget – by mastering your data usage so it lasts as long as you need it too.

Data is not always cheap so work with what you have to harness the power of connectivity.

Here are Prestigio’s top tips for making the most of the data you have!

  1. Tailor Settings to Save Data

Knowing how your device settings impact data is the best way to get ahead when managing data usage.

If you haven’t already spent time exploring your device’s settings, now is the time to do so. Consider placing your ‘Settings’ icon in an easy to find place as it is the integral place to begin. Investigate what data-settings your phone offers under ‘Data Usage’.

  • Restrict Background Data

If you want to save data, restrict background data on your device. This is the number one way to reduce data usage.

The apps on your device access the internet to perform a myriad of tasks. Even when you are not actively using the App it may be literally ‘running in the background’. If you change your settings to restrict background data this will stop. Your device will then only allow apps to access the internet when your device is connected to a Wi-Fi signal.

Tip: Did you know that for navigation apps like Google Maps it is possible to pre-download the geographical map of an area? Plan ahead and download the region you require while connected to Wi-Fi. Once the map is downloaded you can access directions off-line and thus save valuable data while still getting where you need to go.

  1. Adjust Internet Browser Settings

Most online websites assume that a user has unlimited broadband internet at their disposal. Accessing these websites can use a tremendous amount of data. It is wise to do most of your internet browsing when connected to Wi-Fi but if that isn’t possible:

  • Stop websites from automatically playing embedded media.

Go into your browser settings and “Enable Click-to-play Plugins”. Once this is done, a website loading on your device will not begin playing/streaming music or video unless you manually decide to press play thus downloading that content.

  • Request the Mobile Websites

Mobile websites use less data so it is worthwhile making sure that you are using the Mobile-Version of the website.

  • Disable Images

These days, websites utilize high resolution images that can chow lots of data. Most websites can be viewed without loading images. If you want to be extra thrifty with your data set your browser to not automatically download website images.

  1. Turn Mobile Data Off

Make sure you are using only your Wi-Fi connection by manually controlling when your Mobile Data is on or off. When you are at work, at school, or connected to public Wi-Fi ensure that data is only transmitted over that connection by simply turning your Mobile Data off.

Tip:  Leaving your Wi-Fi setting on does not require extra battery. Leave this setting turned on and you’ll receive alerts about open networks you can access.

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