05 December 2019

What to be Aware of when buying a ‘lower-end’ Smartphone

The world has taken to Smartphones and South Africa is no exception.

The world has taken to Smartphones and South Africa is no exception. According toAnalytics, the number of Smartphone sold in South Africa grew from a meagre 22.3% in 2011 to over 72.8% in 2016. As demand for more advanced technology in a hand-held device has grown, the options available continue to grow.

If you are in the market for a non-expensive Smartphone, here’s what you ought to be aware of, before you go shopping!

What makes a phone smart?

The term Smartphone has been coined to specifically refer to a device which combines the traditional aspects of a mobile phone such as portable size, voice calling and messaging with an advanced operating system that offers other useful features, has functions similar to a personal computer and a touch screen.

Features may include:

    • High speed internet connectivity
    • Supersized capacity for storage
    • Advanced media players
    • GPS navigation systems
    • Bluetooth
    • Video and voice recorders
    • Front and back camera’s
    • Interactive event calendars
    • Videogames
    • Dual Sim card capacity (two numbers for one phone)

A Smartphone can perform many purposes. From assisting with schoolwork to serving your business needs. [See: The possibilities of your first Smartphone] Purchasing the right Smartphone can make all sorts of things possible.

Conscious Consumerism

Not all Smartphone are created equal, this is why it is important to know what to look for. With the increase of cheaper phones flooding the market, some companies are advertising their phones as ‘smart’ even though they lack fundamental capabilities!

Before you buy any device, read the fine-print!

Know Before You Buy

Multiple budget phones offer features that sound good without clearly stating their limitations. When deciding on a phone, know what the device is capable of especially in these two areas:

  1. Internet Connectivity

Make sure you understand how the phone can use the internet. Some phones are able to connect to the internet but do not allow apps to be used.

On such a device one might be able to view a website but would not be able to use the popular Whatsapp or other innovative communication Apps available like Snapchat, FBchat, or Skypechat.

  1. Operating System

The type & version of operating system will let you know how advanced the phone’s operating system is and how your phone layout will be organized. It will also let you know what apps will be available for use on the device.

Some ‘cheapy’-model smartphones may allow for apps to be downloaded but with subpar operating systems they can’t offer a Google certification. This means you can put apps on your phone but there is no guarantee that the apps will work once there.

Other things to check include:

Durability - The phone you choose should have a sturdy case to stand up to everyday rigours of use. Additional accessories available should fit your budget and needs.

Battery life - The battery inside your device should be capable of holding their charge. To be able to get the most from your device – a battery that can handle using the internet is essential.

Many extra cheap phones have batteries suited to old-fashioned calling that will last less than an hour if you go online.

Screen - Cheap phones sometimes skimp on screen-quality. Certain device uses (i.e. document creation, web-browsing etc) work perfectly fine with a lower resolution screen. However, if you want High Definition video streaming or gaming then be sure to pick a device that is up to the task. Similarly, the sound quality is something to consider if you want to listen to music via your device.

Also important is the quality of the touch screen. As it is the main way for you to communicate with your device it should be responsive and reliable.

Storage - Knowing how much storage a device offers is good to know. Many devices have the ability to add additional storage in the form MicroSD cards. If you take tons of pictures or want to store videos for offline viewing or have a GB worth of your favourite music – – – it is worth your while to make sure the device you pick can handle your style.

Beyond the Basics - What is inside your phone is significant, if speed is important to you or you have other high-tech requirements – know before you buy. Some bare bones budget phones skimp on the quality of the internal processors and therefore have a sluggish performance and struggle with multi-tasking. A good quality phone will have well-trusted, industry tested components that are well-managed and integrated with one another to culminate to seamless capability.

What Prestigio offers

Our mission is to provide affordable tech that does not require settling for less. Our Smartphones and Tablets have all the quality inside and out that the tier 1 brands tout. The Prestigio difference is that the price you pay is a fair one for the device’s components, instead of a price overly inflated by brand name.

Choosing Prestigio is never a compromise because our tech is tested and proven to provide the capabilities and functionality to do what you require!

Warranty Prestigio offers a 1 year international warranty which no ‘cheap’ phone will offer!

Official Endorsement Prestigio is proud to be the only tier two company that has received a full Google Accreditation. This means that ANY app you wish to download from the Google PlayStore on your Prestigio device is guaranteed to work.

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