What to Consider as a Student choosing a SmartTech device

By February 25, 2019Prestigio

Decisions, Decisions!

Technology unlocks possibilities. Locking in on the correct choice to meet your needs will connect you to a wealth of online resources, tools and more to streamline work and facilitate play. A quality trustworthy device should last till graduation and beyond. Your tech device should be pleasant to use, that way you make the most of it.

When choosing the optimal device for the demands of Student Life here are some things to consider:


Evaluating the different Types of Devices


Smartphones are available in a variety of sizes. Most are around the 5″ size making them the ultimate in portability and lightness. From sophisticated design to super durability there is a variety to choose from among Smartphones. Affordable protective covers and screen protectors go a long way to ensure your device doesn’t fail after a mishap. Battery life is important and additional portable battery power-banks that extend usage are available for long busy learning days.

Smartphones are a great platform for utilizing Apps especially designed for students. With Cloud Storage & micro-SD cards – storage need not be a worry.

Smartphones are often the most affordable option for an all-in-one Smart Tech device for those on a tight student budget. Our advice is, don’t buy an expensive one – you are likely to drop or lose your phone in your 1st year.

Any app you download is guaranteed to work on a Prestigio device due to our full Google Play certification.



Tablets are an ideal option for those looking for enhanced accessibility while still retaining excellent portability.
They are similar to Smartphones in that they operate from the intuitive and easy to navigate Android Operating Systems. Tablets offer robust battery life, portable usb charging options, and can be well protected by compact cases and screen protectors.

The size of Tablets allow for them to be unobtrusive for note-taking during lectures and easy to read. Bluetooth accessories can further increase the versatility of Tablets and are easy to employ – think how a wireless mouse & keyboard can enhance this tech workstation as a dynamic balance between a smartphone & a laptop. Additional storage is available via SDcards or The Cloud makes Tablets a practical and workable solution to fulfil student needs.



Laptops are a great tech tool asset to own as a student.

Student Computer Labs are a great resource to have access to. However, if you don’t have your own Laptop, then you have to organise transport to & from the student computer labs. You have to factor in the time & effort to get to & from the computer labs, & pack a flask of coffee too – which you can only drink outside… You have to wait until a workstation in the computer labs becomes free for you to use.

Laptops may aid efficiency in that their use can translate into squeezing more work from short breaks – if you are committed to working where you are and when you can, even if this is only for a few minutes. They untie you from the computer labs and give you freedom to work from home, your dorm, or even a café or the park.

Being able to work in your own room is not to be under-estimated!

They are an excellent tech choice even more so if your studies include intensive computing. Think research, presentation-creation, audio & video editing, or subject specific software.

Be warned: Laptops can be targeted by thieves – so be mindful of where you store them and invest in a cable lock.

Prestigio’s range of laptops include various models across a range of specifications. Some travel-friendly options are easily compact and lightweight enough be carried all day in your rucksack without becoming a burden.


Meeting Your Unique Needs

When deliberating on which type of device suits your Student Life keep in mind the following:



Splurging on expensive tech that provides features that you won’t utilize or processing power beyond what you can make use of may not be the best option for stretching an already tight budget. Know what you can afford to spend, decide what specs are required to effectively meet your needs, and then shop for quality options within your price-range capable of meeting your requirements.



Knowing the way you work will give you clues as to what features you are likely to use the most and which one’s you could do without.

Are you interested in Apps for Students but enjoy the structured environment of working in the student computer lab? Do you prefer electronic note taking or are you a pen and paper sort of person?

Knowing how you work will help you purchase a device that empowers your efforts to be the best student possible. Determine your priorities, balance your needs and your wants, and shop for what will be most functional for your approach to getting tasks done.


Extra’s to Consider

Bluetooth Accessories: Inbuilt Bluetooth connections are available on all Smart Tech including Smartphones and Tablets. This allows one to connect an external keyboard, mouse or other Bluetooth compatible accessories. This is important to remember as it can greatly increase the functionality of a smaller-sized device such as a Smartphone or Tablet without a built-in keyboard when it comes to note-taking, document creation and editing.

Storage: Most SmartTech storage can be expanded through SDcards and/or Cloud Storage.

Dual SIM: Organize data and mobile options in a way that serves your needs and doesn’t bust your budget.

The Print Factor: If your courses require assignments, tutorials and essays to be handed in via a hardcopy i.e. printed [ some courses only require electronic submissions ] – investing in your own “cheap little black & white printer” can be a life-saver. Imagine finishing your assignment just before the deadline, then having to make your way to the student labs where the printers are, waiting for a free workstation to become available, printing the work, finding a stapler & then making your way to the submission box – which very well may be in a department on the other side of a very large campus – all whilst the clock is ticking.

Student Reality: Late submissions are penalized or not accepted at all – it is your responsibility to be professional in meeting the requirements of the academic course.

Scanning: Scanning is a useful feature of many desktop printers. However, it is worthwhile knowing that Apps capable of scanning from your SmartTech are available for free. This allows you to scan paper documents into electronic files easy-peasy and free of charge from your Smartphone and/or Tablet.

*More on useful Student Apps & New Student Apps to know about in 2019.

Don’t Forget to Back it Up! Whatever technology you employ to assist in your academic career you should conscientiously make back-up a priority, always! Life happens. Ensure that your data is securely stored on the cloud, a backup harddrive, or a thumbdrive. Lost data is not an acceptable excuse for late submissions, even if you’ve had to do the work twice.

Here’s a concise guide on: How to backup your Smartphone.

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