How to Backup a Smartphone

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Safe & Sound


Don’t let a disaster destroy the contents of your phone! Think smart and make a backup so that you don’t have to deal with the loss of irreplaceable information!

Backing your Smartphone up makes more than good sense, it is a vital step needed to prevent irreplaceable loss of the information that is valuable. Here are some simple ways to help keep your contacts, photos and videos stay safe!

The Increasing Role of Tech in Our Lives

Smartphone’s have so much functionality. There is little they cannot do and daily we use them for more and more. From passing time by scrolling our favourite sites, making connections and connecting online, or working diligently to find and build business opportunities. The information created, accessed and stored on our Smartphones is varied and increasingly voluminous. What we do with that information is important!


Information is Valuable

Many material objects can be replaced for a price but other things simply can’t be. Think photo memories of special times with friends and family, a note with a business contact, or sweet messages from your personal partner. Even more, practical details such as calendar appointments, phone numbers, and passwords can cause a headache if they vanish. When accidents happen or malware strikes, a phone can be left damaged, broken, or lost.


Here is How to Backup a Smartphone

Becoming aware that accidents happen is good motivation to exercise precaution by performing regular backups of your phone’s contents.


The Personal Computer Way:

A simple external backup to a PC might be the easiest way to ensure that you have a spare-copy of the files and information from your Smartphone in case of an emergency.

  • Simply connect your Prestigio Smartphone to a computer via the USB data chord.
  • The PC will recognize the phone as an external device.
  • Open the device to view the files on your phone.
  • Copy the files you want to backup from your Smartphone.
  • Paste them into a clearly named folder on the PC or drive of your choice.
  • e Select your folders, press Ctrl-C, click on your desktop or within the file that you have created and press Ctrl-V.

Note: If you are using your Smartphone as a PC then take advantage of a work or public computer to perform a PC backup. Then, instead of copying or storing files on the computer’s hard drive rather employ a USB flash drive or an external drive. This personal backup should be kept separate from your phone so that it can be accessed in the unfortunate event that something happens to your Smartphone. Do not leave a copy of your Smartphone Info on a public PC.


The Cloud Method

Dropbox and Google Cloud offer the equivalent of a data storage locker that is located on the internet. They both allow you to back up a reasonable amount of data at no cost.

Directions for Google:

  • Go to your device’s “Settings”
  • Click on “Backup and Reset”
  • Select “Backup” and “Restore Automatically”
  • Create or add your existing Google account
  • Return to “Settings”, under accounts click on “Google”
  • Pick which information you want to be stored and linked with your Google account

Note: It is important to be aware that Google will store data from your apps, contacts, calendars, and various settings, but not everything on your phone.

Directions for Dropbox:

  • Go to
  • Begin by creating an account
  • Login
  • Upload the files that you want to backup from your phone.

Note: Be aware that Dropbox is mainly used to store documents, PDF files, and photos. It will not easily store phone settings and app data. Our suggestion is to use Dropbox in conjunction with a Google Account.


Apps that can Backup a Smartphone

If you receive photos often, download images, or use your Smartphone’s camera often, then you may have lots of favourite photos on your phone. To make sure you never lose a shot you love; these one-stop-backup apps will help store your memories. Photobucket and Flickr are both easy to use and offer some storage for free!

  • First download the Photobucket or Flickr app onto your Smartphone
  • Create an account (Photobucket allows the use of a facebook account)
  • Launch the app and navigate to “Settings”
  • Under “Preferences”, select “Auto-Backup”


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