How to Construct a CV

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The Importance of a CV

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Prestigio would like to help you get shortlisted for the job you want! Here is a short guide to how you can start from scratch and create a professional and appealing CV.

A Curriculum Vitae (CV) is your most important marketing tool. Use it to showcase your skills, work history, education, and suitability to potential employers. A CV should be clear, direct, and impress the person whose desk it lands on.

A well-constructed CV can be a foot in the door, opening the opportunity for you to be selected out of the many job applicants for an interview.

How well your résumé is built – will impact whether or not you make it through the HR department’s initial qualification scan. If you can survive this, you will be in a great position to be offered an interview. Once you secure an interview then you can represent yourself as the right fit in an even more personalized way and dazzle them into hiring you.

One in a Million

To make a CV stand-out from the stack, it will need to be as unique as you are, while still using a standard and accepted framework. Note: You do not need to purchase Microsoft Office to create a professional CV. You can start with the free WPS App or something similar that can be used on your Smartphone or Tablet to create, edit, and format documents.

How to Construct a CV

Begin by Building a Strong Foundation

Get started on a new document by listing EVERYTHING. Really we mean everything! From schools attended, to activities and sports you have participated in, any awards or honours you have received, volunteer work that you have done, and all paid employment. Don’t decide at this beginning point what might be of use, instead include all of it!

Having all of this information lined out on paper will assist as you create tailoured CV’s for individual applications.

In the world of hiring, generic is never a good thing! The aim of your CV should be to target the particular job or career you want by addressing the skills and the experience you have as it relates specifically to the position you are applying for. The information you include on any CV should be focused, concise, and pertinent.


To increase the chance of your CV being noticed:

  • Tailour it to contain only relevant information
  • Make it clear, easy to read, and to the point
  • Be honest
  • Use correct spelling and grammar


Make the Basics the Backbone

To create a strong résumé that represents you well, here are the basic’s that should form the backbone of your document. Your résumé should include the following (it can even be presented in this order)

  • Name, ID Number, Address, Phone, Email (be sure to use a professional email address and voicemail message, even if you must create one)
  • An impressive one line sentence that summarizes why your qualifications make you the best possible person for the position.
  • Work History and Experience (employer name, dates, location, duties, achievements)
  • Education and Qualification (degrees & certification obtained, location, and dates)
  • Specific Skills
  • Honours, Awards, and Achievements
  • Any other special skills or activities of note

Format Follows Function

The information you choose to include is what should get you an interview, help that information be more noticeable by formatting your CV in a clear and attractive way!

Do Not Include:

  • Photographs (unless specifically requested)
  • Clip art
  • Fancy or flashy designs

Consider the following tips:

  • Keep the CV to one page and one page only in length
  • Consider putting location and date information in grey-scale font so as to subtley highlight your skills listed (in black font) which are more important
  • Choose an easy to read and professional font
  • Always use action verbs to describe what you have accomplished at previous jobs


The Power of Prestigio

Your Prestigio device is capable of more than just keeping you connected. Employ it to help you to connect with the future career that you want and potential job opportunities. It has all the function you need to perform as a one-stop-device where you can

  • Create a CV
  • Search for a Job
  • Apply for a Job
  • Research the company
  • Prepare for the interview
  • Take the interview call
  • Locate and navigate to your new office

Note: Prestigio Smartphone’s dual SIM capability allows you to always keep your work and personal life separated. Be prepared and never accidently answer a potential employer’s phone call unprofessionally!

Free Apps to Use

For more useful information check out “5 Free Apps to help you get The Job” where we detail some of the best free job search apps available! Including options that allow you to create or update a résumé directly from within the app, making it easier than ever to apply from your device.

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