Innovation: A Powerful Market Game Changer

By November 4, 2016Prestigio

Something New is Sometimes Better

Creativity and Business Innovation as a Concept

Entrepreneurs deal in the currency of innovation. They must uncover a new idea, device, or method of doing something that is marketable.

When entrepreneurs are successful it almost always causes a disruption in the status quo, shaking up the market as well as within modern culture.

Disruptive Innovation

This term was coined in the mid 90’s by Harvard professor, author, and businessman Clayton Christensen. In his award winning writing he defines:

Disruptive Innovation “an innovation that creates a new market and value network that will eventually disrupt an already existing market and replace an existing product”.

Three major league industry disrupters in closer detail

Wikipedia: Information Access

Mounds of heavy hardback expensive encyclopaedias are a thing of the past. Wikipedia, an online encyclopaedia, features information that can be updated instantly. Wikipedia allows for a wide range of content and does not censor itself. Inclusion of a subject is dependent on whether or not it is “encyclopaedic” in nature (deemed noteworthy enough to have been previously considered by other news sources).  Wikipedia refrains from covering brand new or original information such as research results and the like; it also insists that information hosted by its site be presented in a neutral manner. Content is written, submitted, and edited by hundreds of volunteers across the world.

Innovative Disruption: Wikipedia has disrupted and overtaken digital encyclopaedias as well as challenged its paper competition Encyclopaedia Britannica, previously a 244 years  industry leader. It has changed the way individuals get information by offering over 5 million Wikipedia articles with free access on your Smartphone, Tablet, or laptop using the internet.


Paypal: Financial Transaction Freedom

Paypal is now widely recognized as the pioneer in changing the way we think about financial transactions and payment online. It started off with its founder bedding down in a sleeping bag in the courtyard of the office building. Then it was bought for 1.5 billion by Ebay. Now it has become worth even more. Millions of individuals worldwide now conceptualize banking without a traditional bank according to the study Global Payments 2015: A Healthy Industry Confronts Disruption.

Gone are paper checks or the necessity to withdraw in person at the bank counter. With a Paypal account an individual can pay money into another’s account online. The payment can cross currency lines and be international, travelling across borders and continents with a single click.

Paypal has been instrumental for individuals and entrepreneurs worldwide as they seek convenient, reliable, safe, ways to do business across geographies.

Innovative Disruption: Paypal is part of the powerful disruptive forces that are restructuring the way we do business and move money. Paypal continues to expand, watch this space to see what innovative and potentially world changing financial disruption happens from here!


GoPro: Changing the Perspective of What’s Possible

Never mind needing a large operating budget to create an outdoor adventure movie. GoPro has made it possible to make your own, and to do so easily! GoPro is the smallest most versatile camera around. It came into being after its founder used kick-starter funding to get his idea off the ground.

From Hollywood to the Olympics, the unique perspective offered by a GoPro is being incorporated to give viewers a sense of first person viewing perspective. Beyond this, it has given the ordinary adventurer a way to film their exploits and share it online, with quality at a price substantially lower than that of high-end video cameras, at the press of a button.

GoPro has literally changed the way we see things! It’s not about megapixel and the scope, it’s about watching a scene or a sport as if you yourself are doing it. The size of the camera allows for mounting that was previously impossible, we now have angles and shots that were only dreamed of by creative cameramen and women. GoPro + Drone = Wow!

Innovative Disruption: GoPro allows anyone to give filming a chance with an easy to use, sturdy, portable camera. Why wait for a traditional talent scout when you can market yourself with your own footage online? If your YouTube channel becomes popular because of your skill and creativity, you can earn a sizeable salary. This is why GoPro has sold millions and is still on the rise. Everyone wants in on the action!



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