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Outside the Box

Crowdfunding has paved new pathways to making goals, success, and dreams come true. The term Crowdfunding describes the process of raising capital by gathering contributions from tens, hundreds or even thousands of individual donors. It might be outside the traditional box of how things get funded but it is making a positive impact the globe over!

We have featured Kickstarter as well as Thunderfund, here is another platform worth investigating – Jumpstarter – learn more here.


RSA Originals

Jumpstarter is a home grown site dedicated to helping fellow South Africans support each other.

Based in Cape Town and a registered Non-Profit Organization Jumpstarter’s motto “The Crowdfunding portal that aims to link people who have good ideas, with people that like to see good ideas succeed!” is easy to get behind!


What can Jumpstarter Fund?

As with other RSA Crowdfunding sites, Jumpstarter can be used to fund business expansion, ideas and prototypes and it is well-suited for entrepreneurs and Start-Up’s.

One thing that is different from other RSA Crowdfunding sites is that Jumpstarter also allows for campaigns that are humanitarian in scope. This empowers individuals, families, or communities in distress to communicate their needs in a manner that allows their Human Dignity to remain intact.


How it Works

A Jumpstarter campaign starts here by creating an individual account on the website. Your project/idea/funding goal must be clearly articulated and communicated to potential donors. Crowdfunding works on a rewards-based system which means that those seeking funding, offer incentives to donors.

The allure of a well-thought out reward should not be under estimated!

Rewards can run the gamut; from a simple Thank You letter to the first products that your business produces.

Jumpstarter works off the premise that a project only receives funding if it reaches its funding goals. If the financial backing target is not met, then the money already pledged is returned to donors.


Key to Crowdfunding

The key in using Crowdfunding to your advantage is in building healthy strong connections!

Interacting with the online community and building your very own base of backers is very important. This includes the way you express the origin, future, and desired impact of your proposal. One also needs to convince funders to pick your project and keep them updated as you progress.

Crowd funding should not be viewed as ‘free’ money but as an exchange. You are indeed actually working for your donor’s monetary support – just not in the traditional manner. Instead of clocking-in, you commit to fostering & rewarding relationships and including people while you achieve the goal.


Flourishing Diversity

Has your idea never been done before? Is your idea a wildly unconventional approach to a common problem? Don’t be discouraged. Crowdfunding inherently creates lots of room for diversity.

One of the beauties of Crowdfunding is that you don’t have to convince a powerful few or every single user to back you. Instead, to reach your funding targets, you will have to persuade ‘enough’ users that you are the right person to do what you are setting out to do.

If you can demonstrate that you’ve got the skills, the perseverance, and the passion they will be far more likely to donate their hard earned cash to your cause.


Successful Jumpstarter Projects

Jumpstarter has hosted a wide range of projects. Some notable ones that have achieved funding are:

  • Medical care supplies for a baby burn victim without Medical Aid and in need of specialized care.
  • Tuition Fees for an anti-poaching Ranger with a unique skill set and broad goals for the future.
  • Help with legal fees for a brewery Start-Up run by two sisters in the Cedarburg.
  • A cash injection for a Proudly South African mountain bike clothing company called WestPeak.
  • Cash to rebuild a storm decimated house outside Rustenberg.
  • Production costs for recording musical albums.

Don’t let your ambition and your creativity get stalled before you succeed by a lack of funding, fuel your future with a Jumpstarter campaign.


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