Maintaining the Balance as a Digital Nomad

By April 5, 2018Prestigio

The Whole Picture

Working on-the-go requires a fine balance. Epic sunsets, breath-taking vistas, bizarre and/or ‘embarrassing’ / ‘laugh-at-yourself’ moments traveling in foreign lands are all part of the experience if you take work on the road, but only a part of it. The less swoony-worthy moments will happen too. Zig-zagging like some strange zombie with an outstretched device trying to get a signal so you can send that important e-mail, calling the boss in the middle of the night your time because of the time zone differences, working through jet-lag or despite a rumbling upset belly.


What it Takes to be a Digital Nomad

Individuals drawn to work from odd, extraordinary, or anywhere outside a cubicle tend to possess or develop some important skills along the way.

If you are already pursuing life as a Digital Nomad or are looking to make the switch, chances are your likelihood of success will rise with some or all of these in your tool kit:

• Motivation – High levels of self-motivation are a must.
• Adaptability – Distraction and different settings require an ability to work with the flow.
• Tenacity – Things won’t always go according to plan. Determination to do your best is essential to keeping work quality high.
• Organization – Keeping track of responsibilities and deadlines demands diligence.
• The Right Tech – Power your Digital Nomad lifestyle.

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The Work-Play Balance

The secret to the work-play balance sounds simple but can prove to be anything but easy. The number one key is a firm commitment to prioritizing your work commitments before anything else. Work first, play later!

Keep in mind that work is making your lifestyle possible. To keep yourself in good-standing with your boss and co-workers it is important to prioritize your tasks as an employee and complete them with due diligence. Goodwill won’t last long if your productivity decreases, work submissions are incomplete, far-out sounding excuses (even if they are true) begin to be the norm, or work doesn’t meet professional standards.

For life as a Digital Nomad to be sustainable one must honour the responsibilities and the opportunity with due respect. This is step one to achieving the balance.


Optimizing Work to Maintain Balance

Establishing work as a priority is the first step and optimizing work is the second pivotal part of achieving balance outside a traditional office setting. “Work smarter, not harder” applies to working remotely too! Here are some tips to help you get a firm handle on Digital Nomad Life:

Know thyself – Are you a night owl, an early morning bird? Get to know when your concentration levels and focus are at their peak. Plan your working day around your own rhythm to maximize productivity.

This includes finding or creating an environment that is conducive to work. If extraneous noise or the like puts you over the edge, make a plan before you go. Think noise-cancelling headphones or switching-up where you work from.

Travel Savvy Tip: Don’t forget to think about temperatures? Numb fingers won’t type and heat rash makes everything uncomfortable. Can you work in unregulated temps?

Best to find out what cooling and heating provisions are on offer where you are headed as you may need to budget extra in some destinations for access to air-conditioning and the like.

Do your Research – While working remotely could conceivably include even a Space Station, the Internet is essential to making it possible. Double-check Wi-Fi speeds, SIM providers, data prices, etc. before you go. Advance planning can unlock potential while still allowing for high quality work.

Travel Savvy Tip: Don’t just take a hotel or cafe’s word for it. Read up on traveller reviews to discover the truth about Wi-Fi speeds and connection reliability when work is dependent on it.

Know before you go – Know ahead of time what plug adaptor you will need before you go. Technology only works when it can power up – so do yourself a favour and invest in quality plug adaptors that you can trust. Think about the whether wall unit power-sources will be available where you are staying.

Travel Savvy Tip: Consider packing a longish chord so you can charge from farther away.

Prepare to charge no matter what – Invest in a reliable and preferably powerful powerbank. If outlets aren’t freely available, power is intermittent, or the like, a capable powerbank can literally be a job-saver: keeping you connected if/when the unforeseen happens.

Travel Savvy Tip: In destinations where security might be a concern and outlets are sparse trusting-over a replaceable powerbank rather than your needed and precious tech device helps mitigate possible risks.

Protect your Tech – Wherever you are headed protect your tech. Technology needs to be guarded from impact, humidity, extreme temperatures, and foreign substances.

Depending on where you are headed the solution may be as simple as a good screen protector and a ziplock bag or you may need to invest in an impact-resistant, fully waterproof storage. Prestigio uses Gorilla Glass technology in many of its devices for built in protection!

Travel Savvy Tip: Turn your laptop off before putting it away as in humidity in tech tempts disaster.

Communication Clarity – Work out beforehand how co-workers and supervisors can contact you. Choose more than one method as varying Internet quality may over-rule your first preference.

Give those you work with a general idea what response timeframe will be. Don’t let consideration and professionalism in communication lax just because you’re not in the office.

Travel Savvy Tip: Be pro-active about clarifying timeframes for submissions &/ deadlines and time-sensitive work as time-zones can get confusing.

Don’t expect others to think about the time difference, be responsible for that yourself.


Tech Tools for Digital Nomads

Technology is the ultimate sidekick when it comes to making Digital Nomad life work smoothly. Prestigio designs tools that offer what you need and what you want. Check out our diverse range of devices:

Reliable – Devices you can count on. Backed by a 12-month warranty.
Lightweight Portability – sized right for life on-the-go.
Storage – store the resources you depend on.
Functionality – get everything done that you need to.
Pocket-Friendly – affordable devices that won’t break the budget.
Capable – no need to compromise!
Battery life – go all day on one charge with quality batteries.
Dual SIM – can accommodate 2 SIM cards: you may need to locally hotspot for an Internet connection.

Ready to power up and get going! Unleash the potential of your Digital Nomad within.

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