Managing an online office and team

By July 12, 2017Prestigio

Companies around the world are increasingly viewing online teams and working out of the office as options that make good business sense. Businesses can save money on physical infrastructure and many employees are eager to avoid commutes and embrace the ‘flexibility’ of working remotely.

There are clear benefits for both business owners and employees but there is more to managing an online office and team than meets the eye. Here are some crucial elements to include and prioritize before you make the leap.


The Right Team

The right team is so imperative it’s worth saying twice. What does the right team look like? Not everyone is suited to working alone or without the formal environment of a physical office.

Who would suite Remote-Location Work
• Choose employees you can trust so that you don’t waste time worrying about what they’re doing. This will also require you to let go of micro-managing.
• Employ team members that are all action. Doer’s get things done. Doesn’t matter the challenges, the deadlines, or the location, they consistently make things happen without offering excuses. Initiative & perseverance are key qualities.
• People who can and who do communicate. Remote work and being part of an online team requires consistent, clear, and reliable communication. It means: speaking up when you have a question. Following-up by phone when needed. Being able to maintain professionalism in communication not only with clients but with other team members too.


The Right Tools

The right tools are the glue that holds the right team together.

It is no use having doer’s who can communicate only to leave them out-to-dry without the tools they need. Capable tools form the foundation that team members require to unleash their potential.

The right tools should allow for the following:
• An online team requires an online presence. This means that each member of the team should be able to get connected reliably and stay connected when needed.
• Access to internet speeds that make communication and business tasks possible.
• Installation of apps and tools to make work smarter not harder.
• Automation of simple tasks that would otherwise waste your employees’ skill-sets.
• Multiple types of effective communication including traditional phone calls, video calls, teleconferencing, messaging, chat forums, and more.


The Right Rules

A system of protocols will enable and support independence, responsibility, accountability, successes for the growth and common good of the business.

The “Right Rules” are:
• Not rigid, instead they take advantage of the fact that flexibility is a great asset offered by Online Teams. They can and ought to change as new ways or better ways of doing things come into view.
• Should be clearly communicated to everyone.
• Agreed and adhered too as a group.
• Prioritized as to the type of business being operated.
• Include practical business basics; such as, how the team deals with customer support, when the team gets together, how often meetings will take place, and spell out communication response times that will be expected of team members.
• Decide how different aspects of the business are organized by team partnerships, how feedback is dispersed by others and integrated.
• Delegate who will have final say on approving decisions and who will follow-up and reinforce communication regarding pending and accepted decisions.
• Choose project management tactics and designate leaders.


The Right Customs

Company Culture starts at the top, set the tone & lead by example.

Across the board, a business culture should include:
• Respect is a necessary component of all relationships but it is very important with remote working.
• Responsibility puts individuals in charge of their quality of communication between themselves and others. It allows each person to be responsible for asking clarifying-questions or seeking further information when it is needed. Finding ways to improve the business-system & offering multiple solutions are great indications of ownership.
• Accountability is a big deal with remote offices and independent employees. Your team should be active and consistent in reporting to others: where they stand in terms of delivering work, keeping to schedules & encountering challenges etc.
• Acknowledging Diligence & Success – where will your employees gain a sense of job satisfaction? Just from clients? Or will your Company Culture actively promote employee retainership?
• Honest Communication done Regularly keeps everyone on the same page.


Prestigio Unleashes Potential

As a brand, we offer well-priced technology that is able to keep things running smoothly in your online office or with employees that work remotely. Instead of dishing out mega-bucks for one over-priced piece of equipment that must be shared, consider buying smarter and purchasing multiple Prestigio smart-devices to equip your team.

Here is South Africa we offer:
• Smartphones
• SmartTablets / MultiTablets / MultiPads
• 2-in-1 Laptop-Tablet fusion-devices

Our tech operates on the familiar Android platforms and comes varying sizes & styles. Dual Sim Capacity means you can maximise your level of organization and keep communication at the highest level of professionalism.

Prestigio is proud to have a full Google Accreditation which guarantees that the applications you download, from the Google PlayStore, for your office and employees will always work on your Prestigio devices.

Empower the possibilities for your online team with the right tools, Choose Prestigio.

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