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Three dimensional photo on smartphone screen. A 3D phone is a mobile phone that conveys depth perception to the viewer by employing stereoscopy or any other form of 3D depth techniques.

Risk taking is part of life, it is part of business! Those who succeed in life and in business are those that reduce their risk sufficiently by making informed decisions.

In South Africa, the consumer is often left without choice, or given very little access to the decision making process, especially when it comes to smartphones or tablets. With clever marketing & excitable salespeople, the high price for technology is overlooked and the negating risk factors including warranty, service and repair are brushed aside. Not at Prestigio. We are a clean slate, your ally & confidant in the world of smartphone technology. We are here to help you make the best decision for your future. You cannot afford to wait, not when the world of technology and information is at your fingertips. Unleash your potential with Prestigio.

Here are our tips to better risk assessment & decision-making in the world of smartphones. If you are asking: What is the best phone or tablet for me? Then read on.

Define the Decision

What is important to you? There are numerous categories that could become individually important, some could include the pixel quality on the camera or perhaps dual-SIM but the more common smartphone decision factors should include:

  1. Technology – Within the Prestigio range we offer everything from latest Android technology to entry level. This helps get everyone access to the infinite possibilities of the smartphone at a price point that reduces risk.
  2. Warranty – Prestigio offers a 2-year warranty. Most manufacturers only offer a single year. We are your allies, we want to lower your risk.
  3. Service – Should there be a warranty related issue with your Prestigio smartphone or tablet, we simply replace it with a new handset. If the technology is repairable we have trained technicians in-house to handle all repairs. We do not need to send for overseas repairs and risk postal loss or add significant waiting-time.
  4. Reliability – Prestigio smartphones & tablets are as reliable, if not more reliable, than our competitors.
  5. Price – overspending adds risk. Would you get identical functionality using Prestigio as with any other Tier 1 brand? Yes, but at a fraction of the cost. Price is often a barrier to entry, and we have removed this barrier while reducing risk.
  6. Connectivity – 3G connectivity is essential in today’s mobile world. Being connected is the very essence of smartphone & tablet technology. Without connectivity you may as well be using a traditional phone.


Perform Risk Assessment

This is simply, by way of definition, “What would happen in the worst-case scenario?” For example, if price were a defining factor what would happen if you lost your handset? Would you be able to purchase another? Prestigio has this base covered by offering world-equaling technology at more than affordable prices.

What if you experience hardware malfunction? Can you rely on their warranty or service department to come through for you and get you connected as quickly as possible? Prestigio has in-country service departments and we pride ourselves on our 2-year warranty.


Make the best decision with the least risk that works for you, your business & your Life

Based on the above, your decision seems pretty easy doesn’t it? Opt for now, for today! Remove the barriers by offering the latest tech at affordable pricing, add industry-leading warranties & excellent service and wrap it up in good-looking/aesthetically pleasing designs. Choose Prestigio and unleash your potential on the world.

For specific smartphone handset & tablet specification, visit our online partner

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Prestigio Tip for the Entrepreneur

For the up-and-coming entrepreneur, downtime is possibly the most disruptive force to your aspirations. You need a reliable technologically advanced partner that wont let you down! Check that box with Prestigio. You also need to be back up and running in no time should the grind you put your smartphone through wear it down. Check that box again.

The last thing any ambitious South African should do is wait for the right time, or be caught in the dead-end with no funds trying to create a business. Prestigio wants you take grab your future by the horns, today! Welcome to your office. Choose Prestigio.

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