MultiTablet Laptop Fusion

By June 12, 2017Tablets

Welcome to the Future

You no longer have to choose between form and function. The duel between SmartTablets and Laptops has ended with the birth of new all-encompassing devices such as Prestigio’s 2-in-1 solution. The Prestigio’s Visconte V; a high-tech machine giving people the best of both worlds.

The Visconte V offers the size and convenience of a touch screen SmartTablet/MultiTablet perfectly paired with the capability and work-readiness of a laptop and keyboard for a perfect match.


Features to Love

Appearance: Outwardly the Visconte V is simply sleek. Its smooth case is slender with curved corners and it is available in gun-metal gray and an eye-catching red.

Screen: The Visconte V offers a high resolution 1280×800 pixels HD screen for vibrant crisp viewing.

Whether it’s used for watching movies, photo and video editing, gaming, browsing the net, or designing graphics for your new StartUp, the Visconte V is not only up to the task but will be sure to make it a pleasure.

The screen is the ideal size of 10.1 inches and offers multi-touch function for the most complex tasks.

Keyboard: Transform your MultiTablet into a Laptop and vice versa easily. Simply connect or disconnect the screen from the docking keyboard and seamlessly enjoy the practicality of a keyboard or convenience of a Tablet.
Camera: The Visconte V can double as a camera and copes well with video conferences and phone calls as it has both a front and rear camera built in.

Beautiful on the Inside

Capabilities: The Visconte V is certainly smart! Inside it features an INTEL Atom Processor Z3735F with a CPU internal clock-rate of up to 1.83GHz. It comes with 32GB of internal memory and has 2GB of installed RAM storage capacity. If you’d like to extend storage capabilities, the Visconte V can support a Micro SD flashcard of up to 64GB in size.


A Familiar Operating System

Operating System: The Visconte V has the benefits of coming installed with Windows 10.1 – the most popular operating system in the world. Windows 10.1 is easy to navigate within and makes organizing and storing files a breeze. For added convenience the Visconte V comes pre-loaded with the Office Suite. Use Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and more to create documents and presentations for school, work, or personal use.


Easy to Connect With

Ports: Need to run a home-office from your device? The Visconte V has the full range of options. From printers to projectors, big screens and more, effortlessly plug-in what you need too with a full range of ports.

These include USB, Micro USB, Micro SD, Micro SDHC, Micro SDXC, 3.5mm mini audio-jack, and HDMI interface.

Internet: Visconte V can host a SIM card and has the built-in ability to connect easily to Wi-Fi in public places or at home. Expect speed with the Visconte V’s ability to host high-speed 3G internet.


Play All Day

No need to stay at home or nearby a plug. The Visconte V offers a long-life battery so you can work or stay entertained wherever you roam. The powerful Lithium 6500 mAh battery holds around seven hours of video playback time and up to 11hours of Microsoft Office offline work time.


Your Perfect Partner

The Visconte V is both a strong & flexible device. Don’t juggle multiple devices when you can keep life and work in perfect balance utilizing the tools that Prestigio’s 2-in-1 platform offers to you.

Prestigio is committed to offering quality tech that is well-priced and doesn’t require users to compromise on quality! For more about our brand and what we stand for; click here.

Get it done with Prestigio Visconte V.

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