Persistence can increase the possibility of success

By July 4, 2018Prestigio

Mike Tyson once said before entering the ring “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth”, and he’s right.

The unexpected happens and can be perceived in a way that causes one to choose to stop and freeze forward progress. While good planning and strength alone might get you back on your feet a time or two, it is persistence that gets you off the ropes and back into the thick of it without wasting any time on fear or doubt.

Persistence determines whether you give up or keep going when the going gets rough. Even if the eventual outcome doesn’t fit with the picture we planned when we practice persistence our satisfaction with ourselves and our efforts is higher, which is a great momentum to have & make use of.

Persistence is often the trait that makes the biggest difference between success and failure in the long-term and short-term. Without cultivating persistence to back you up it is all too easy to throw in the towel after the first round when you get knocked down.

It is often the case, that the people we view as successful – have actually gained the experience of more failures than anyone else.


Persistence in Action

People who are practicing persistence often exercise these traits:
• Self-Motivated
• Desire to continue learning in every circumstance
• Adaptability
• Their planning is pragmatic in the short-term & is directed towards the long-term.

“If it was easy – everyone would be doing it”. Understand what is important to you & why it is important to you. Your values influence your choices of behaviour.


Better Together

While persistence is commonly defined as a personal character trait in an individual it does not be thought of as something you cultivate alone. Having a community of people who remind one of what is valuable to oneself can keep one on track.


Mentors Add Value

Finding a mentor or friend who can speak into your life can assist the growth of your power of persistence. Many obstacles have been faced and overcome by others. Choosing to learn from others’ mistakes and remembering that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel allows you to glean value from those whose persistence has already paid dividends. Associates that encourage and advise can be extremely advantageous in achieving your goals.

If you are looking for someone to mentor you – try checking out official mentorship programmes, small business Incubator Programmes, or crowdfunding platforms like Thundafund who assist with the whole process of bringing your business to life – not just the funding.

In the meantime, take courage and choose to liberate yourself from self-imposed limiting-beliefs about yourself. You have a mind, nourish it. You have a body, exercise it to be strong. You have a creative imagination, practise it. You have a heart, with it you can love yourself & the world. You have potential, each “mistake” allows you to learn how to better unleash your potential.

If you struggle with negative thought-patterns, perhaps try adopting the following technique in dealing with thoughts of self-doubt:


Using Tech to Cultivate Persistence:

• Don’t lose your good ideas; keep lightbulb moments for the future on your device
• Use your device to build, plan, strategize, or reformulate your business plan.
• Learn new skills from online education. Think payroll, Excel, and much more.
• Maximize data by using the wealth of online content & access market research.
• Connect with inspiration and those who practicing persistence.

Start planning to unleash your potential today, don’t wait for tomorrow.
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Mentor Recognition Competition

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