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There is a wide range of smartphones designed by Prestigio, this is a critique of the different models available such that you can make an educated decision as to which device would suite you best.

Prestigio Grace S5 5.5″ LTE 8GB

PSP5551DUO Smartphone

RS9398_PNG 600x600

Price 9/10  You get alot of Smartphone for a great price with this model!

Brand 7/10 With a 2year warranty, excellent features, built sturdy, comes with a Gorilla Glass display which gave it great reviews for surviving drops!

Size 7/10 At 5.5” this phone is a common and desirable size. It is rated as feeling thicker than some others in its class but got good marks for being lightweight.

Interface 8/10 You don’t have to sacrifice a thing with this model. It comes with Android system 5.1. Prestigio is Google endorsed which guarantees to run the apps you love. It comes with everything you need to get and stay connected. All of the expected connection mediums wifi, USB, Bluetooth, microphone & speakers, etc.

Tech Features 9/10 Battery Life superb on this model. Dual Sim and Extra storage. Selfie camera lower quality than some but the back camera takes 13mpx resolution pics which look good.

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Note: This phone predecessor the SPS5550 is reviewed in depth here 


Presitigio WIZE C3

PSP3505 Duo Smartphone


Price 10/10 This is an extremely well-priced model. If you are looking for an entry level phone to help you get connected then this is the one.

Brand 8/10 This phone only comes in black but is stylish classic in shape. Comes with a 2year warranty which is double the industry standard.

Size 6/10 At 5” this phone is a middle-of-the-road size, not too big and not too small. Because it is an entry level phone the screen resolution is not as amazing as they get but this is comfortable to hold and has a good screen size.

Interface 7/10 Android system 4.4, Prestigio is the only non-tier 1 company to be endorsed by Google meaning all the Apps you want and love will run. Comes with micro-USB port, Bluetooth, email and allows for connectivity to the internet.

Tech Features 7/10 Battery is 1800mAH, not as impressive as the PSP5551 but it has a reasonable charge holding time. Processor and RAM are standard for an entry level phone.

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Prestigio MUZE D3

 PSP3531 Smartphone


Price 7/10 This is an affordable phone with extra features for those who want a phone with more than the basics which is still fairly priced. Dual-SIM agility, yes please!

Brand 9/10 This phone is lightweight and super slim. It definitely has more sleek style than others in its class! Standard 2 year warranty;  double the standard of other brands.

Size 8/10 At 5.3” this phone and its screen are a great size. The screen resolution is more bright and crisp than other similar models; because this phone is geared toward those who love taking photos.

Interface 7/10 Android system 5.0 handles what you need it to well. Prestigio is the only non-tier 1 company to be endorsed by Google which means that all the Apps you want and love will run without a glitch.  Comes with micro-USB port, Bluetooth, wifi and all the features you want to get you connected.

Tech Features 9/10 This phone has a 2500mAH Battery, considerably better than others in its class. It has an auto-focus camera which is 5mpx in front and 13mpx in the back. It features a good processor and standard RAM/Memory. It comes with dual Sim capacity and capacity for extra SD storage.

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What to Know Before You Buy

  • To get the best smartphone for your needs it is important to evaluate how the big five rank for you.
  • Start your shopping with the aim of comparing what is available across the spectrum that meets your qualifications.
  • Make your comparisons based only on what you require so they are accurate.
  • Some tech features are not ready to be supported with RSA’s current infrastructure, similarly do not be swayed by tech-features that you will not be able to take full advantage of; so don’t get swayed by jargon that is not fully explained.

Compare and Choose Prestigio to get Connected without Compromise!

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