Maxell EB-BT95 Bluetooth TRU WIRELESS Dynamic Earbuds - RED

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SKU: 34844700-BT95-R

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True wireless headphones.

TWS Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Microphone and Portable Charger Case
Cane-style design
Bluetooth range up to 10 meters
Also allows for individual use, equivalent to two separate earphones
Additional hook-type silicone earplugs allow for better in-ear
Hold One-button design Easy to Command Command: Power On, Power Off, Pause, Answer and End Call
Pairing Mode Charging Case with Full Charge can charge up to 5x more hearing aids. Minimum charging time 3 hours
LED light that allows to know the state of charge of the box
Battery capacity of each earphone: Rechargeable lithium battery 50mAh
Box Battery Capacity: 600mAh Rechargeable Lithium Battery Built-in
Box Charging Input: Micro USB
Hi-Fi Sound
Compatible with all types of smartphones, tablets and / or any device that have Bluetooth functionality
What's in the Box
1pcs Maxell Red Truly Wireless Bluetooth Earphones
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