How to Sell your Crafts Online

By March 13, 2019Prestigio

Are you an artist, a designer, or a craft-maker?

Finding a market for your product and making your passion financially viable as a business can be enormously challenging.

Selecting where to setup shop – is an important aspect that StartUp’s must decide upon. Traditional physical stores are a possible venue-option but what about a spot in the digital landscape with a world-wide market?!

Enter the Internet

Connectivity and the Internet have forever changed the scene. An online store platform keeps overhead costs down and allows you to start right where you are!

Shoppers around the globe are also on board, increasingly on the hunt for unique, innovative, quality goods that demonstrate style and craftsmanship. In a world of mass produced everything, artisan work is being increasingly valued.

Equipped with a Prestigio Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop you can unleash your potential and begin setting-up shop online today. Here is how to make it happen:


What to Consider when Creating an Online Business or Selling Online


1. Presentation:

The adage ‘A picture speaks a thousand words’ is true! Having high-quality and well-lit photographs of the items that you are looking to sell to the world is an absolute must. The setting for your photos should be thought-out and well-executed. Building your brand image is something to consider carefully and curate. You can photograph your products on a clean white background, show the product in a lifestyle setting, or even create a video that demonstrates the stellar features. Photographs can form an impactful aspect of creating product awareness – it is worth investing in.


2. Product Information:

While the photographs assist in showing-off your product, you will also need to tell potential customers about your product. What is it made of? How is it made? Who made it? What are its dimensions? What sizes are available? How do you clean and care for the product? Does it have a shelf-life? Information should be product-specific and offer the unique attributes thereof as selling points.


3. Policies:

Customers need to know what the rules of your shop are. What will happen if a customer is dissatisfied, wants to return a purchase or to make an exchange – is there a return policy? What if a product is received damaged? Shop policies should briefly state the facts buyers need to know so that they can make an informed decision. If you need help with what to include conduct research by browsing through other online shops’ policy statements.


4. Payment Options:

Different platforms will provide various means and methods of payment options. Make sure you can accept the terms and conditions of commission, listing fees &/hosting fees of the chosen platform. A bank account will be non-negotiable for EFTs within South Africa and a PayPal account may also be required for international payments. So be sure to get your business accounts in order. It is often worthwhile to start a separate business banking account to make accounting simpler. Legitimise your venture by registering it as a business; which can be done straight from your smartphone.

Prestigio has several articles that offer advice on the different aspects of business that Entrepreneurs, Creatives & StartUps are faced with in South Africa. Check out the Blog Section on our Website for information & inspiration. Unleash your Potential!

Prestigio Tip: With the DualSim capabilities built into our devices, you can keep separate numbers for both your personal-use and professional business.


5. Parcel Shipping & Courier Selection:

The products that you sell need to arrive in good condition and insurance might be necessary if they are fragile &/ of a high value. The logistic-services chosen ought to be reliable and price effective for both you and your customers. Will you offer a flat rate fee or free shipping? Do you want to include the shipping costs within the original pricing, or add it to the online-cart total? Shipping for international orders or addresses outside of commercial centres requires an extensive system but it does connect you to a global market. Fortunately, there are Logistic Businesses who specialize in exactly this – should the online platform that you use not include this feature service…


6. Platform Choice:

Choosing the best platform for your store is vital. An established platform will boost site visitors, assist with marketing, and more. The right one for your business will depend on the specifics of what your product is & within which industry it is in.

Prestigio Tip: Building your very own independent store and website is possible but one should be aware of security risks. Hackers can wreak havoc if your store is not developed or hosted by a solid service that actively acts to keep both your own, and your customers, utmost security in mind.


Platforms for your Perusal
• Etsy [] []


Proudly South African
• Utique [] []

• Designkist []

• Hello Pretty []


Product Specific Platforms
• Unsungart []

• State of the Heart []

• Designkist []


Ready, Set, Sell Online!

Prestigio supports small businesses and StartUp’s by offering well-priced capable and functional SmartTech. There is no need to overbuy when you can get exactly what your business needs – for less. Choose Prestigio and experience #PotentialUnleashed today.

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