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By September 2, 2018Prestigio

SmartTech is ever-expanding and so is its role in our lives and world. A Smartphone is essentially a powerful hand-held computer with internet connectivity. As computing power and ease-of-use designs improve, so do the functions and practical applications of SmartTech in daily life.


Power for Good

Here are some innovations making a positive impact on our world that are facilitated by SmartTech.


Social Movements

The ability to connect with vulnerable populations to fight isolation and injustice is powerful. This ranges across the spectrum; from breaking the stigma surrounding Mental Health issues to publicizing abuses of power.
When young Malala Yousafzai started expressing the struggle for girls’ education in Pakistan, tech allowed her story to be heard around the world. When Tarana Burke a survivor of sexual violence first created the #MeToo hashtag over 12 years ago she had no idea that it would one day be in the global spotlight and used 12Million times by women the world over…

Choosing to speak up, share our stories and participating in public petitions can be a catalyst for social change and healing – as we begin having discussions that are long overdue.



Exciting innovation has been emerging in the realm of health and well-being. Disaster response, healthcare in rural areas, and more are being improved upon via the use of tech. Read our article about SmartTech in the Health Sector here.

One can now track vital-signs, health conditions, and fitness progressions via wearable-SmartTech. This immediate feedback brings our physical bodies and their condition to the forefront and increases our conscientiousness about taking care to promote our own health.

In the realm of mental Well-Being, SmartTech is making an appearance. In psychological treatment, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are being developed as potential alternatives and adjuvant treatments to traditional therapy. Especially in notoriously difficult to treat conditions such as PTSD.

To fight anxiety and promote inner calm there are a host of free Apps that can perform a variety of functions; from providing relaxing background music, tools to cultivate mindfulness, and guided meditation sessions.
Insight Timer and Smiling Mind are two great free Apps to explore.


Environmental Awareness

SmartTech is increasingly being mobilized as a way to participate in environmental action. Personal devices are being used to record and report on environmental variables, destruction or suspected treaty breaches. An example of this was the international outrage expressed by the controversial hybrid blue/fin whale killed by Iceland’s traditional whalers in the summer of 2018.

Beyond using platforms made available by SmartTech to gain traction for environmental action [ think petitions against plastic straws ], one can use their Smartphone to learn and contribute.

Foster your love of nature with Apps that assist in identifying animals, track migrations, and encourage individuals to upload species sightings – thus in some instances contributing to valuable scientific research and data collection.

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The Sky is the Limit

Learn new skills, teach yourself, find inspiration and stay connected!

• Learn how to make the most of your Data in a positive way.
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In addition to the extraordinary, SmartTech ushers convenience into everyday admin and must-do tasks.
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SmartTech & You

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