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Standing Out with the Help of a Crowd

pexels-photo-167915Crowdfunding is changing the way entrepreneurs, start-ups, and creatives think regarding how to achieve funding. On a global scale Crowdfunding is shaking-up the way things are done by allowing people to put money behind the ideas that they believe in and want to see come to life.


Uniquely South African Crowdfunding Platform

South Africa is an environment rich with opportunities for thinkers who pose alternative and new solutions to address the challenges facing the economically vulnerable and those looking to build a brighter future.

Thundafund is also big on community-building and believes strongly that investing in ideas and those with potential can have far reaching consequences to build a better future!

This is why Patrick Schofield and his team decided to create a Crowdfunding platform unique to RSA named Thundafund. They specifically chose to be business-centred as a clear alternative to ‘charity’ based giving which they didn’t believe led to sustainable enterprises that had the potential to make a real difference that could grow exponentially!


What Makes Thundafund Special?

Unlike other global Crowdfunding sites which have an element of money-making for individuals embedded in them, Thundafund has a pointed focus on micro-business development. Rather than indiscriminately host any idea, Thundafund has focused on hosting campaigns that have a real chance of success.

The aim is not to be restrictive but rather help individuals achieve success by providing guidelines and help before they ask the public for funds.

Thundafund has built what they refer to as a “Three Steps Ahead” policy which provides mentorship to beginning Start-ups directly from Start-ups which have been successful for over three years.


Before a new campaign is launched, specific questions are asked about the following factors which influence success:

  1. Their existing network and social media presence
  2. What they offer in return for funding contributions
  3. What value they are adding or bringing to marketplace

The significance of this approach is that entrepreneurs are asked to cover their bases well and are assisted to get the absolute best out of their ideas and endeavours.

This allows for campaigns to not be ‘just-good-ideas’ but real plans of action that will be implemented successfully if funded!


How does Thundafund work?

Campaigns hosted settle on a “Tipping Point” which is the point at which the idea will have raised enough capital to become viable. If this amount of cash is funded, the project is a go. If this amount of money fails to be raised, any existing backers will be refunded the money they have pledged. Campaigns also choose a Dream Goal. This allows business ideas that gain traction and a large support-base to reach even further to make their dreams come true.

Watch this video produced by Thundafund on terms used and how the site works:


Thumbs up from the Crowd: Three projects successfully Funded

  1. The Foxy Five TV Show

This show doesn’t shy away from big subjects and is alternative fresh take on what it means to be a feminist in South Africa.

Conceived, written, acted, and filmed by South African women the show follows five bold SA women as they explore hot-button issues like structural oppression and gender inequality (in which RSA ranks famously high for on the global index) and delve into the intersection of race, gender, class, sexuality and power. While delving into serious issues they also manage to make a style statement by showcasing their own brand of glammed-up proudly South African fashion. Watch the first episode of this groundbreaking completely crowed funded TV show for free, courtesy of all the backers who helped this show come into being.


  1. Ngizwe Youth Theatre

Founded by social entrepreneur Tshabalira Lebakeng – the Ngizwe Youth Theatre came into being as a way to keep young adults and children off the streets in the Diepkloof neighbourhood.

His own experience of providing street shows as a means of income when he was homeless was a big motivator for him. Now this thriving community theatre meets three times a week. Tshabalira suffered as a kid on the streets in Durban and used his own troubled past as inspiration to creating a different future for others. Ngizwe means “Hear Me’ and the project offers a safe place for children to be heard and a haven where creativity can thrive. Young adults can express themselves, learn healthy coping skills, and gain theatre skills that include improvisation, writing, characterisation, costume creation, set design, and more. By training youth this project provides not only an alternative to drugs but valuable life skills that open up a world of possibility. Crowd funders who ensured this project’s viability invested in the power of the arts but more importantly the youth of tomorrow, the future of South Africa.


  1. Ground Up Barista Academy

This business-skills initiative has already made a massive impact in the lives of 68 individuals since its inception. It is on track to make a difference too many more. The goal of this Start- Up is to train unemployed individuals in the art and science of producing high quality coffee.

Within a safe and established framework of guided mentorship, an entrepreneur is able to both earn an income while learning valuable skills to take into a future of increased opportunities. Upon completion of the program, individuals are qualified to fill the role of barista in South Africa’s burgeoning coffee-culture industry. This start-up is inspiring the unemployed to rise to better future. With a powerful simple motto “one cup of hope at a time” it is no wonder the crowd found it easy to get behind!


Reach for your Dream

What are your game-changing ideas? Thundafund provides awesome examples of how Creatives have become successful even without business as a ‘speciality’. Artists, Musicians and Writers take note! Thundafund has successfully allowed albums to be recorded, books to be published and more! There is space for you! Don’t dismiss your quirky-business idea! Instead gain the aid of expertise from others who have experience in finding the right market space.

Find the gap where your start-up can flourish! Thundafund offers a unique mentorship to help you succeed at your Crowdfunding campaign.

Start a campaign at Thundafund by clicking here! 

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