Unleash the Potential of your Holidays

By December 1, 2017Prestigio

This is your time, invest it wisely!

The holidays are on the horizon. Free time is what you’ve been wanting for so long. The question now is how are you going to use your freedom to unleash the potential of your holidays?



Well done on showing up, bringing your best to what this year has thrown at you, and persevering! The time you take to relax this summer season is ‘all yours’. You’ve earned your upcoming holiday. However, before you considering going totally rogue or checking-out completely in your time-off, here’s another perspective to consider:

Making your holidays work for you

Your free time is filled with opportunity; view your holiday as the right time to focus on achieving things important to you and invest in activities you value.

Lazy mornings can seep into afternoons and before you know it an entire holiday can be spent in a check-out coma. While this might feel blissful in the beginning, the wake-up call that your holiday has flown past and didn’t include any of your big ideas, can be a depressing way to start out the new year.


Unleash the potential of your holiday

Don’t let your free time run away from you. Harness it this holiday. Here’s how.

5 ideas to make the most of your time off! These ideas are super-flexible and can be accommodated based on your unique situation. They don’t require a big budget, only initiative.


  1. Practice your Skills

Even if you’re a beginner, now is the time to practice. Think drawing, guitar practice, yoga, building up your photography portfolio, or learning to cook. What skills do you want to add to your repertoire?


  1. Invest in Relationship

Our time truly is limited. What’s in our heart makes us rich. Maybe this holiday is for spending time with your family, listening to the stories of your grandparents, or finding wealth in nurturing friendships.


  1. Strategizing for your Future Successes

The holiday is a perfect opportunity to think about what your goals and intentions are for the coming year without the pressure of your ordinary schedule pressing down on you.

Is it time to go back to school, learn a new language, or invest in a travel trip of a lifetime? How can you take one step closer to achieving your goals? Why not, register for that higher education learning course, search or apply for your next job, work out a budget to be clear on what it will take to get to Timbuktu on a unicycle. Take your first step this holiday season.


  1. Get Outside!

There is no time like the present to hit the streets, play one-bounce in the park, take a drive to the countryside, pack a picnic or simply enjoy a walk outside. Maybe now is the time to start a new exercise habit, start a new hobby, join a hiking club, climb a tree, get up early to watch sunrise from a mountain peak.


Feel like being social, catching a show, or getting out on the town?

Here are some links to websites that highlight events in:


  1. Feed your Mind

Enjoy a good book or educate yourself on something that piqued your curiosity. Dig into a classic, get informed regarding your ‘dream travel destinations’, or challenge yourself with something unlike what you usually read.


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