Use your Data to Unleash Your Potential

By August 31, 2017Prestigio

Don’t Limit Yourself

There are times when it is valuable to use smart technology to conveniently indulge in easy to access entertainment. It can help get your mind off the daily-grind, un-wind, and put a smile on your face.

However, be mindful that sometimes the best use of Smart technology is beyond mere entertainment. In fact, the pursuit of self improvement is often rewarded!

Explore New Horizons

“Knowledge is power.” – Francis Bacon
Knowledge used wisely can be powerfully transformative. Information you find online can assist in converting opportunity into material success, passion into a pay-check, uncover valuable connections, finding your tribe, organizing for change and so much more.


A World of Potential Possibilities

Get connected and expand your view to new horizons.

Find possibilities and opportunities to advance your life. Access free public Wi-Fi, get online, change your future and impact your Now, positively.

Empower yourself with Data and Technology!

Prestigio recognises the potential of the Internet, and how it can change lives. That’s why we want equal access to connectivity for all. Prestigio offers devices that empower you to navigate towards the future that you want. #PotentialUnleashed


4 Awesome Alternatives to Entertainment

1. Cultivate a Lifelong Love of Learning

Learning doesn’t need to stop because of age or finance. New information keeps our brains awake, continued learning can add to our sense of enjoyment of the world around us, and studies report that introducing new ideas and continuing to learn helps keep our brains healthy and aging well.


Mobile Learning

This catchword describes the host of new mobile apps that continue to come on the scene every day. These Apps are being developed to aid the studying and learning of different skills.
• Already studying? Use your device to find online study resources. ( Free Apps for Student Life )
• Not in school? Take free webinars on a host of different subjects from web-design to learning to play guitar.


Professional Certificates & Online University

The Internet is full of pathways to both formal and informal continued education.

Some colleges and universities offer online classes that count towards professional certifications or offer credits towards a recognized degree. In these online classrooms, your device becomes a tool to access learning material, virtually attend lectures, submit assignments, and connect with other students.


Feed your Mind with Reading

Discover the joy of reading without having to store & transport heavy books. Not all eBooks require purchase, some a free to download!

There are literally hundreds of books available for free online (due to public domain rights) including classics of literature in both fiction and non-fiction. Many local and regional libraries also offer the chance to ‘borrow’ eBooks. With Prestigio’s free e-reader you can read on your device comfortably & nourish your mind!


2. Pursue your Passion

The Internet is a great resource to connect with others who share your passion or to learn more about the things you love. Whether what you love is popular or completely obscure, there is bound to be resources relating to it on the Internet.

The online world is full of people who enjoy crafting, DIY, 3D printing, fashion and design, cooking and baking, computer programming and that’s just the beginning.

Get connected to find and build community in which sharing of information & collaboration is possible!


3. Develop Skills

Did you hear about the Mom and her family that built their entire house themselves using only YouTube video-tutorials? This inspiring story demonstrates just how wide the range of skills is – that you can develop with access to the internet. Discover how to up-cycle reclaimed wood pallets into furniture, quilt, speak Chinese, the possibilities are vast.


4. Find & Create Economic Opportunity


Do you have the drive to be a successful entrepreneur but just don’t have the perfect idea yet? Research the market, see what’s being done, and discover what’s been overlooked. Keep your finger on the pulse of what the market wants, get inspired, and find the gap!


Raise Capital

Crowdfunding has changed what’s possible for the brand-new business owner just starting out. Jumpstart your company with the finance you need by convincing other individuals what you are capable of. Raise capital and get your show on the road!


Find Jobs

Here are 5 apps that are useful for the job seeker. Use your smartphone or Tablet equipped with employment apps to receive notifications as soon as jobs are listed, submit your resumé and get the job you want.


Prestigio equals = Everything you Need

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Our tech will do everything you need it too and more. Every Prestigio device comes with a full Google certification to guarantee that every App you want to download, from the Google PlayStore, will work for sure!

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Note: This article is intended for inspirational & entertainment purposes. Prestigio is not affiliated with and does not endorse any specific or particular online educational platforms. Do your own research before signing-up and paying for an online certification. Be aware that there are unscrupulous scammers who will take advantage of internet users. Don’t be taken for a ride! Cross-reference your research!