Winning Friends & Influencing the Market

By May 17, 2016Prestigio

Earning Loyalty

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We cannot buy loyalty, nor do we at Prestigio want to. We would rather earn your respect by offering top of the range products at affordable pricing to win over a community that is often under-delivered to in this industry. The technology revolution is here & Prestigio is leading the charge.

With us, we hope you will help eradicate the inequality between those with access to those without… we at Prestigio are loyal supporters of equal opportunity.

Technology on Offer

Across the board; our Smartphones & Tablets are jam packed with advanced features. By way of transparency we do admit that we offer different price points for more expensive technology but this is not to profiteer but simply due to manufacturing costs. Where have you seen this open honestly before?

We do, however, offer all products with the basic premise that access to information, connectivity & the ability to enter the App world are of paramount importance to creating technological equality.

I.e. you get a free MobiSystems Office Suite 8 with every tablet sold. This means you have in your hands a tool for business, irrespective of price.

We also include a Micro-SD slot on each of our Tablets. We will not hold you ransom by storage – we know you need access, we know you need to start now and we will remove the barriers. This is Life with Prestigio.


Support dominates Our Offering

By offering a comprehensive 2-year warranty we want to put you at ease should quality questions arise. We back our product longer than most tier 1 brands.

For 2 years you have the safety net that says we will replace your tablet or smartphone with a brand new device should you experience a hardware or software failure.  Not only do we make our accessories affordable we follow suit with repairs, service & maintenance.

We cannot understand the high cost of screen protectors & spare batteries of other brands. We want you to have the ability to get the utmost out of your smart technology with Prestigio. We do not believe in hidden future costs.

We want loyalty built on openly transparent relationships & our South African based service department has the ability to repair or replace any defects. Drop us a message on Facebook to find out how to book your phone or tablet in for a service.


Google Certification

To further emphasize our quality; all Prestigio smartphones & tablets are certified by Google. This is a unique certification, especially in the tier two brands of South Africa. The certification essentially means that Google endorses our products to function seamlessly, after much testing, with the Google Play Store.


Affordability Is Key

Access to all! The disparity between the have’s & have not’s is growing. Connectivity & fast-tracking knowledge in the modern world is all linked via an ability to access information and communicate immediately … the only problem, affordability!

How is it possible for an up-&-coming entrepreneur to afford top tier brands & still have money to build their business; how can a mother afford to provide the best technological advantage to her children; with Prestigio that’s how!

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